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The Medical Museum of Nagoya University is located on the fourth floor of the Medical Library. It collects, preserves, and exhibits antique medical books, historical medical instruments, photographs and other items to promote understanding of the history of the Nagoya University School of Medicine in the context of the Tokai district and to look forward to the future of medical science. Parts of the collections can be accessed through the Digital Archive. Registration at the Medical Library counter is required for the actual use of these materials.

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1642 Andreas VESALIUS "De humani corporis fabrica epitome"
1750 Keiraku Ningyo (The Meridian Doll)
1774 SUGITA Genpaku "New Book of Anatomy"
1803 ITO Keisuke
1808 UDAGAWA Shinsai "A Summary Version of Medical Copperplate Illustrations of Internal Organs"
1850 MIMURA Gencho
1850 House-call schedule handwritten by Hyakkoku MIMURA Gencho
1850 Gift Clothing Chest
1868 Gunshot Wound Record at the Battle of Hokuetsu
1871 Temporary Medical School / Temporary Public Hospital
1872 YOKOI Nobuyuki "Sargent Bandaging Methods)"
1872 SHIBA Mitsuyuki "Riley's Pharmacology"
1873 Temporary Hospital (Aichi Prefectural Hospital) / Medical Training School
1873 JUNGHANS' Contract
1876 Albrecht von RORETZ
1876 SHIBA Mitsuyuki
1876 GOTO Shinpei
1876 JUNGHANS "Essentials of Physiology"
1877 Newly-built Aichi Prefectural Public Medical Training School and Aichi Prefectural Public Hospital on the side of the Horikawa river(Ten'nozaki)
1877 Ground Plan of Aichi Prefectural Public Hospital and Public Medical Training School
1878 Medical Practice News
1880 First Report on Aichi Prefectural Public Hospital and Medical School
1880 Illustration of a Surgical Operation at Aichi Prefectural Public Hospital in the Early Years of the Meiji Period (approx. Meiji 13 (1880))
1880 RORETZ "The Study of Skin Disease: An Outline"
1880 Public Hospital Mental Clinic Building: Reconstruction Perspective Diagram
1880 Parting Words "Quidquid agis prudenter agas et respice finem."
1880 SCHULTZE "Vortraege der allgemeine Chirurgie"
1880 BAELZ "Vortrage der spec. Pathologie und Therapie"
1880 Collection of Aishusha Standards
1881 Second Report on Aichi Hospital and Medical School
1881 Medical School Graduation Diploma
1881 Sample Specimen Slides Prepared by NARASAKA Gen'ichiro
1881 BAELZ "Vortraege der allgemeinen Pathologie"
1881 SCHULTZE "Vortraege der speciellen Chirurgie, gehalten in den medicinischen Academie zu Tokio"
1883 Third Report on Aichi Medical School and Hospital
1883 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro "Dissection Encyclopedia"
1886 KUMAGAI Konosuke's Lecture Transcripts "Discussion on Surgery" Volumes 1 and 2
1886 RORETZ "Forensic Medicine"
1886 Aishusha Rules
1887 Cholera: Asiatic Cholera, Asian Cholera, Indian Cholera
1888 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro "Simple Guide to Histology"
1890 New Book of General Sanitation
1892 Ono Sea Bathing Method 1
1893 Fourth Report on Aichi Medical School and Hospital
1894 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro "Concise Guide to Dissection"
1895 Notes on Implementation of Sterilization Methods for the Prevention of Cholera and Dysentery"
1898 GOTO Shinpei "Principles of National Sanitation", Second Edition
1899 Sasaki Medical Office "Record of Prescriptions"
1900 Medicine Chest
1900 Smallpox Vaccination Kit
1902 Plague Prevention Record
1902 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro "Textbook of Topical Anatomy"
1903 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro "Illustrated Topical Anatomy"
1903 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro "New Selection of Standard Histology"
1903 Aichi Prefectural Medical College
1905 KATO Ryogoro
1906 NARASAKA Gen'ichiro Celebration of 25 Years in Office
1906 KUMAGAI Konosuke Celebration of 25 Years in Office
1908 Commemorative Photograph of Dr. KOCH's Visit to Nagoya
1912 Overview of Aichi Prefectural Medical College and Aichi Hospital
1912 Kansai Medical Newsletter
1914 Aichi Prefectural Medical College and Aichi Hospital after Moving to Tsurumai
1915 Aichi Prefectural Medical College/Aichi Hospital Commemorative Booklet for Opening of New Buildings
1916 TAMURA Harukichi
1919 KATSUNUMA Seizo
1920 Aichi Medical College Preparatory Course Song Inscription
1924 GOTO Shinpei "What is Imperial Capital Reconstruction?"
1925 Celebratory Arch of Greenery in front of Imperial Palace and Boy Scout Celebration Fire
1931 Portrait of Professor SAITO Makoto performing brain surgery
1931 Overview of Nagoya Medical College
1932 Aichi Medical College Preparatory Course "Book of Cheering Songs"
1935 Statue of Count GOTO Shinpei and GOTO Shinpei's Birthplace Home<
1935 Mizusawa Park Statue of GOTO Shinpei
1937 Kirihara Flexible Gastroscope
1937 Professor Kirihara and His Flexible Gastroscope
1939 Founding of Nagoya Imperial University
1940 Statue of GOTO Shinpei on the hilltop in Hoshigaura
1943 School of Medicine University Hospital Branch (Toshin-cho era)
1944 O Chomei
1944 Hospitalization of O Chomei
1944 Portrait of Professor TODA Hiroshi Performing Surgery on Thoracic Sympathetic Nerves
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