Clinical Exchange in Japan

Welcome to Japan and Nagoya University School of Medicine!

  • Rotations are coordinated in English
  • Exemption of the tuition for students from partner institutions (Number is limited)
  • Dormitory available when there are vacancies
  • Office of International Affairs takes care of your rotation and staying

Our Partner Institutions (as of April, 2015)

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine(U.S.A)
  • The University of North Carolina, School of Medicine at Chapel Hill(U.S.A)
  • Tulane University(U.S.A)
  • University of Pennsylvania Medical School(U.S.A)
  • Duke University School of Medicine(U.S.A)
  • Harvard Medical School (U.S.A)
  • Medical University of Gdansk(Poland)
  • University of Freiburg (Germany)
  • The Medical University of Vienna(Austria)
  • Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick (U.K.)
  • Health Sciences University of Mongolia (Mongolia)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)
  • Peking University Health Science Center(China)
  • National Taiwan University College of Medicine(Taiwan)
  • The University of Adelaide(Australia)
  • Seoul National University Hospital (Korea)
  • Lund University (Sweden)

Experience Reports from Exchange Students

SHIH, Chengyu (National Taiwan University)

Timophyll Yik Hung, Fong (Peking University)

Louise Hellgren (Lund University)

Rickard Forsberg (Lund University)

Anneli Marcher (Medical University of Vienna)

Ahmed Elbeialy (Medical University of Vienna)

Lee Sing Ip (University of Bologna)

Hani Nazih Nakhoul (Tulane University)

Jiayi Li (Peking University)

Xenia Krohmer (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg)

Lukas Unerfusser (University of Vienna)

Joseph Snyder (University of Adelaide)

Tseng Yu Ju (National Taiwan University)

Luo Jing (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Pan Chuqiao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Mark Zhong (Melbourne University)

Duc Viet Bui (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg)

Angela Mei (Western Australia University)

Edward Yoo (Western Australia University)

Karl-Omar Hassan (Lund University)

Amanda Janson (Lund University)

Jason Murray (Johns Hopkins University)

Jaymie Baliwag (Michigan State University)

Yat Sing Wong (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Jane Wang (Johns Hopkins University)

Hank Ly (University of Adelaide)

Ishraq Marshed (University of Adelaide)

Josephine Tang (University of Glasgow)

Rawa Al-Kalbani (University of Glasgow)

Shouyan Deng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Tiffany Chan (The University of Western Australia)

Robert Kilzer (Technical University of Munich)

Yutong Wang (Peking University)

Chien-Yu Lan (National Taiwan University)

Wei-Yu Su (National Taiwan University)

Tong Li (Peking University)

Jabbar Mohammad (Lund University)

Jennifer Morris (University of Glasgow)

Adela Wu (Johns Hopkins University)

Wei Jie Tan (University of Adelaide)

Wei Shen Glenn Siow (University of Adelaide)

Yuan Guo Rong Ryan (National University of Singapore)

Tan Yu Xuan (National University of Singapore)

Jessica Ruck (Johns Hopkins University)

Ting-Chieh Ko (National Taiwan University)

Alice Hung (Johns Hopkins University)

Tuyet-Nhung Nguyen (Johns Hopkins University)

Lum Kai Chun (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Yijuan Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Jason Crowther (Tulane University)

Bensen Thai (Tulane University)

Lydia Chow (Tulane University)

Hoang Minh Tue Nguyen (Tulane University)

Geoffrey Holman (Tulane University)

Monika Tur (Medical University of Gdansk)

Linda Cao (Johns Hopkins University)

Andrea Weng (Taipei Medical University)

Hsin-Liang Wu (National Taiwan University)

Lawrence Wong (The University of Western Australia)

Dandan Zheng (Shanghai JiaoTong university)

Sihan Lin (Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine)

Shangzhi Dai (Peking University)

Jenny Giang Ho (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg)

Christina Mayer (Medical University of Vienna)

Svenja Maschke (Medical University of Vienna)

Sofie Berberich (Albert-Ludwigs-University)

Andrew Peel (University of Adelaide)

Ermir Zulfaj (Lund University)

Vera Hilmer (Albert-Ludwigs-University-Freiburg)

Xinhui Lim (University of Adelaide)

Kerrie Nguyen (Nagoya International Elective)

Patrick McCarville (Tulane University)

Jacob Todd (Tulane University)

Yusuke Yagi (Northwestern University Feinberg)

Chan Tsz Ying (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Ahmed Abdul-Rehman (University of Bristol)

Wei-Ting Chen (National Taiwan University)

Yao Ly (University of Adelaide)

Linh Van (University of Adelaide)

Niyati Mamtora (Johns Hopkins University)

Anirudh Arun (Johns Hopkins University)

Ngai Suet Yi (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Brian Goh (Johns Hopkins University)

Alan Noll (Tulane University)

Mohammad Hussain Hamrah (Arya University)

Erik Rask (Lund University)

Wei-Che Hung (National Taiwan University)

Zhou Boya (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Fan Yifan (Tsinghua university)

Felix Heilmeyer (Albert-Ludwigs-Universit舩-Freiburg)

Omar Amin
from U.K.

Naim Nayeemurrahman
from U.K.

Maximilian Mahrhofer
from Austria

Maja Nackenhorst
from Austria

Liu Qizhi
from China

Sida Zhu
from China

Elliot Byford
from U.K.

Juan Tan
from Malaysia

Ornthariga Kritayanutkul
from Thailand

Hui Wang Hei
from China

Alexandra Robison
from U.S.A.

Jaris Gerup
from Denmark

I-Ju Wu
from China

Megan Terle
from U.S.A.

Lilyanne Chen
from U.S.A.

Ji Qi
from U.S.A.

Thomas Santamar僘
from U.S.A.

Robert Bryant
from U.S.A.

Liyang Tang
from U.S.A.

Randy Luu
from U.S.A.

Ivana Sheu
from U.S.A.

Sun Tingye
from China

Luo Xueyi
from China

Nie Dan
from China

Ronan McLellan
from UK

Elva Gusmeri
from Indonesia

Adam Blomstergren
from Sweden

Morten Dybdahl Krebs
from Denmark

Nicholas Chia
from Australia

Frederick Yeo
from Australia

Christopher Belder
from Australia

Leung Wai Yin
from China

Gary Wu
from U.S.A.

Lauren Zeitels
from U.S.A.

Atul Nakhasi
from U.S.A.

Paul Bixenstine
from U.S.A.

Eric Zhou
from U.S.A.

Mingyang Liu Gray
from U.S.A.

Samantha Parker
from U.S.A.

Shulun Zang
from U.S.A.

Brett Ibbeson
from U.K.

Anthony Rubino
from U.S.A.

Katharina Sies
from Germany

Maria Markus
from Sweden

Anna Sobolewska
from Poland

Shoichi Shimamoto
from U.S.A.

Chen Yongbing
from China

Tandis Parvizi Babadi
from Austria

Johannes Schauer
from Austria

Li Xuan Shu
from China

Yusrina Adani
from Indonesia

Afsara Ahmmed
from UK

Juan Mundisugih
from Australia

Lin, Yi-Fu
from Taiwan

Ronan McLellan
from U.K.

PEI, Theodore Tze-Sheng
from USA

Chao-Ting Chen
from Taiwan

Jeff Karns
from U.S.A.

Yu-Jen Jan
from Taiwan

Chi-Feng Yen
from Taiwan

Ifeanyichukwu Anidi
from U.S.A.

Adam Pepperman
from U.S.A.

Viola Yuriko Leidner
from Germany

Ayana Hazu from U.K

Kayla Bronder from U.S.A.

Wei-Chen Huang
from Taiwan

Zhao from China

from Austria

Peng from Taiwan

Zhang & Huang
from China

Piper from U.S.A.

Wheatley from U.S.A.

Liu from Taiwan

Lin from Taiwan

Hanson from U.S.A.

Dr. Wang from China

Dr. Li from China

Qiu from China

Ding from China

Scott from U.S.A.

Maykel from The Netherlands

Lena from Germany

Office of International Affairs

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