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2023.12.05 Ferroptosis induced by plasma-activated Ringer's lactate solution prevents oral cancer progression
2023.11.21 Increased JAK activation in cutaneous vasculitis
2023.11.16 9-oxo-ODAs suppresses the proliferation of human cervical cancer cells through the inhibition of CDKs and HPV oncoproteins
2023.11.16 Elucidating the mechanism of disrupted proteostatic stress response mediated by the mitochondria-associated membranes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
2023.11.10 Efficacy and safety of second-line therapy of docetaxel plus ramucirumab after first-line platinum-based chemotherapy plus immune checkpoint inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer (SCORPION): a multicenter, open-label, single-arm, phase 2 trial
2023.11.08 Spatial exosome analysis using cellulose nanofiber sheets reveals the location heterogeneity of extracellular vesicles
2023.11.08 Exercise attenuates polyglutamine-mediated neuromuscular degeneration -Toward the development of early exercise therapy for polyglutamine diseases-
2023.10.20 Development of machine learning models for predicting unfavorable functional outcomes from preoperative data in patients with chronic subdural hematomas
2023.10.06 Discovery of a novel pancreatic stellate cell marker -- a key to understanding pancreatic fibrosis
2023.10.04 Retinal ferroptosis as a critical mechanism for the induction of retinochoroiditis during ocular toxoplasmosis
2023.09.27 Identification of stromal cell-derived factor 4 as a liquid biopsy-based diagnostic marker in solid cancers
2023.09.21 Discovery of the Inhibitory Effect on Liver Tumor Development by Bile Acid Transporter Inhibitor (Elobixibat) in Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Model Mice
2023.09.20 Lysosomal cholesterol overload in macrophages promotes liver fibrosis in a mouse model of NASH
2023.09.15 A novel approach to safe medication therapy for hospitalized older patients: potential effectiveness of ward-specific strategies against high-risk medications
2023.09.14 Prospective Analysis of Immunosuppressive Therapy in Cardiac Sarcoidosis With Fluorodeoxyglucose Myocardial Accumulation - PRESTIGE Study
2023.09.05 In-Hospital Fall Risk Prediction by Objective Measurement of Lower Extremity Function in a High-Risk Population
2023.09.04 Elevated arsenic level in fasting serum via ingestion of fish meat increased the risk of hypertension in humans and mice.
2023.08.24 Residual Kidney Function and Cause-Specific Mortality among Incident Hemodialysis Patients: A Nationwide U.S. Cohort Study
2023.08.22 TUG1-mediated R-loop resolution at microsatellite loci as a prerequisite for cancer cell proliferation
2023.08.21 The association between screen time and genetic risks for neurodevelopmental disorders in children