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2021.11.29 Novel role of synaptic clustering in dendrites
2021.11.25 Intestinal bacteria, genus Collinsella, may mitigate the infection and exacerbation of COVID-19 by producing ursodeoxycholate
2021.11.08 DNA methylation panel that can diagnose and distinguish 27 types of malignant tumors at the same time was successfully generated
2021.11.04 Early prediction of serious postoperative course in perihilar cholangiocarcinoma: trajectory analysis of the comprehensive complication index
2021.11.02 Ferroptosis-dependent extracellular vesicles from macrophage contribute to asbestos induced mesothelial carcinogenesis through loading ferritin
2021.11.01 Spatiotemporal depletion of tumor-associated immune checkpoint PD-L1 with near-infrared photoimmunotherapy promotes antitumor immunity
2021.10.27 Microinjection of Reelin into the mPFC prevents MK-801-induced recognition memory impairment in mice
2021.10.15 The novel tumor suppressor to inhibit cholangiocarcinogenesis
2021.10.05 Splicing regulation of large exons secures phase-separation of transcription factors in vertebrates
2021.09.30 Less-invasive, R1 surgery gives good results for abdominal wall desmoid
2021.09.29 A simple and robust methylation test for risk stratification of patients with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia
2021.09.24 Clinical Impact of Visually Assessed Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Patients With Septic Shock
2021.09.22 A new mechanism of ovarian cancer cells proliferation in peritoneal metastases lesion: Cancer cell-induced adipocyte dedifferentiation process and its involvement in cancer progression
2021.09.16 Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology to Extract Useful Knowledge from Single-Cell Multi-Omics Data ~Accelerating the understanding of diseases at the single-cell level~
2021.09.16 SRGN fosters aggressive and immunosuppressive phenotype in TTF-1-negative lung adenocarcinomas
2021.08.25 Pericentromeric noncoding RNA changes DNA binding of CTCF and inflammatory gene expression in senescence and cancer
2021.08.12 Newly Established Experimental Model for Meningioma Research : Patient-derived meningioma organoid model for unraveling tumor biology leads to new therapeutic strategies
2021.08.06 Prognostic aspects of positive ascites cytology and effects of therapeutic interventions in epithelial ovarian cancer: a large-scale multi-institutional study
2021.08.02 Mathematical modeling and mutational analysis reveal optimal therapy to prevent malignant transformation in grade II IDH-mutant gliomas
2021.08.02 Blockade of CHRNB2 signaling with a therapeutic monoclonal antibody attenuates the aggressiveness of gastric cancer cells