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2017.09.07 A mechanism of neuroblastoma tumorigenesis has been revealed - Polycomb repressive complex 2 was involved and will be a promising therapeutic target -
2017.08.23 A novel rare variant R292H in RTN4R affects growth cone formation and possibly contributes to Schizophrenia susceptibility
2017.08.22 Intact metabolite profiling of mouse brain by probe electrospray ionization/triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry (PESI/MS/MS) and its potential use for local distribution analysis of the brain
2017.08.18 Prognostic relevance of genetic alterations in diffuse lower-grade gliomas
2017.08.04 Conditional knockdown of hyaluronidase 2 in articular cartilage stimulates osteoarthritic progression in a mice model
2017.08.04 Biallelic mutations in KDSR disrupt ceramide synthesis and result in a spectrum of keratinization disorders associated with thrombocytopenia
2017.08.03 Dynamics of angiogenesis in ischemic areas of the infarcted heart
2017.08.02 Rare genetic variants in CX3CR1 and their contribution to the increased risk of schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders
2017.07.26 Heat-stimuli-enhanced osteogenesis using clinically available biomaterials
2017.07.26 Mechanism of hydrocephalus development by Daple gene mutation
2017.07.21 Novel intraperitoneal treatment with non-thermal plasma-activated medium inhibits metastatic potential of ovarian cancer cells
2017.07.11 Seeking comfortable temperature not need "feeling"
2017.06.30 Autoinflammatory keratinization diseases
2017.06.16 A Human Genotyping Trial to Estimate the Post-Feeding Time from Mosquito Blood Meals
2017.06.09 A novel function of Niemann-Pick type C proteins -To promote incorporation and degradation of lipid droplets in the yeast lysosome through the specialized sterol-rich membrane domain-
2017.06.05 Micro-coordination of pacemaker potentials in the intestine of the mouse
2017.05.30 Dialysis membrane-enforced microelectrode array measurement of diverse gut electrical activity
2017.05.29 Corticotropin releasing hormone receptor 2 exacerbates chronic cardiac dysfunction
2017.05.22 A child with epidermolytic ichthyosis from a parent with epidermolytic nevus: risk evaluation of transmission from mosaic to germline
2017.05.16 Developing analysis methods to classify the evolution of cancer with regard to treatment resistance - towards the establishment of new treatment methods and treatment strategies tailored to the cancer evolution of individual patients