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2024.04.15 Impact of Aldehydes on DNA Damage and Aging
2024.04.15 Extremely Low Frequency, Extremely Low Magnetic Environment for Depression: An Open-Label Trial
2024.03.15 New treatment for intractable neurological disease! Effect of levodopa on pathological gait in Dravet syndrome is validated with a randomized crossover trial using three-dimensional gait analysis
2024.03.14 Anti-Sclerostin Antibody Therapy Prevents Post-Ischemic Osteonecrosis Bone Collapse via Interleukin-6 Association
2024.03.13 Elucidation of Changes in Blood Coagulation Profiles in Severe COVID-19:Clarifying the Relationship between the Disappearance of a Hypercoagulable State and Poor Clinical Outcomes
2024.03.07 Researchers discovered the mechanism of middle-aged obesity : A major step toward innovative prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases
2024.02.16 Mild elevation of pulmonary vascular resistance predicts mortality regardless of mean pulmonary artery pressure in mild interstitial lung disease
2024.02.15 Potential of novel treatment approaches to target cellular senescence in the osteonecrosis of the femoral head
2024.02.14 Predictive AI for Palliative Care Needs in Advanced Cancer Patients
2024.02.02 Epstein-Barr virus lytic gene BNRF1 promotes B-cell lymphomagenesis via IFI27 upregulation
2024.01.30 Genetic background variation impacts microglial heterogeneity and disease progression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis model mice
2024.01.25 Repeated cold stress, an animal model for fibromyalgia, elicits proprioceptor-induced chronic pain with microglial activation in mice
2024.01.11 Variants in MEFV, a gene associated with familial Mediterranean fever, are a predisposing factor for generalized pustular psoriasis
2024.01.10 IκB kinase phosphorylates cytoplasmic TDP-43 and promotes its proteasome degradation
2024.01.10 Autoantibodies against dihydrolipoamide S-acetyltransferase (DLAT) in immune-mediated neuropathies -Anti-DLAT antibodies are potential biomarkers of sensory neuropathy-
2024.01.09 Elucidating the physiological function of the intellectual disability-related protein LGI3 in the brain
2023.12.28 Clinicopathological features of graft versus host disease-associated myositis
2023.12.28 A Gradual Transition Toward Anaplasia in Wilms Tumor Through Tolerance to Genetic Damage
2023.12.05 Ferroptosis induced by plasma-activated Ringer's lactate solution prevents oral cancer progression
2023.11.21 Increased JAK activation in cutaneous vasculitis