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2021.09.24 Clinical Impact of Visually Assessed Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Patients With Septic Shock
2021.09.22 A new mechanism of ovarian cancer cells proliferation in peritoneal metastases lesion: Cancer cell-induced adipocyte dedifferentiation process and its involvement in cancer progression
2021.09.16 Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology to Extract Useful Knowledge from Single-Cell Multi-Omics Data ~Accelerating the understanding of diseases at the single-cell level~
2021.09.16 SRGN fosters aggressive and immunosuppressive phenotype in TTF-1-negative lung adenocarcinomas
2021.08.25 Pericentromeric noncoding RNA changes DNA binding of CTCF and inflammatory gene expression in senescence and cancer
2021.08.12 Newly Established Experimental Model for Meningioma Research : Patient-derived meningioma organoid model for unraveling tumor biology leads to new therapeutic strategies
2021.08.06 Prognostic aspects of positive ascites cytology and effects of therapeutic interventions in epithelial ovarian cancer: a large-scale multi-institutional study
2021.08.02 Mathematical modeling and mutational analysis reveal optimal therapy to prevent malignant transformation in grade II IDH-mutant gliomas
2021.08.02 Blockade of CHRNB2 signaling with a therapeutic monoclonal antibody attenuates the aggressiveness of gastric cancer cells
2021.07.21 CD63 is Regulated by Iron via the IRE-IRP System and is Important for Ferritin Secretion by Extracellular Vesicles
2021.07.16 Higher BMI, lower HbA1c, and lower glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies levels can predict non-insulin-dependent state for at least several years in Japanese slowly progressive insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus patients
2021.07.08 Identification of key parameters of septic coagulopathy
2021.07.02 Conditioned pain modulation: comparison of the effects on nociceptive and non-nociceptive blink reflex
2021.06.30 Renewal of the established microdialysis technique - make it possible with ambient ionization mass spectrometry and Bayesian statistical modelling ‐
2021.06.29 Integrated diagnosis based on transcriptome analysis in suspected pediatric sarcomas
2021.06.24 Immune recognition of lysyl-tRNA synthetase and isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase by anti-OJ antibody-positive sera
2021.06.22 The effect of pirfenidone on the prescription of antibiotics and antitussive drugs in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a post-hoc exploratory analysis of phase III clinical trial
2021.06.21 What type of exercise is the most effective for preventing cognitive decline in older adults?
2021.06.17 Discovery of novel mechanism controlling lung inflammation induced by nano materials ~ Focused on the signaling inside small cellular organelles ~
2021.06.16 Made in Nagoya; Development of a mask for bronchoscopy to prevent infection under COVID-19 pandemic; image evaluation