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2021.03.19 Ratio of urinary N-terminal titin fragment to urinary creatinine is a novel biomarker for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
2021.03.16 Preclinical verification of the efficacy and safety of aqueous plasma for ovarian cancer therapy
2021.03.08 Preoperative paraspinous muscle sarcopenia and physical performance as prognostic indicators in non-small-cell lung cancer
2021.03.03 Effects of insular resection on interactions between cardiac interoception and emotion recognition
2021.03.02 Premalignant pancreatic cells seed stealth metastasis in distant organs
2021.03.02 Identification of a novel potent therapeutic strategy that the targeting of long non-coding RNA for the treatment of lethal pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
2021.03.01 Polyglycolic acid sheet covering to prevent recurrence after surgery for spontaneous pneumothorax: a meta-analysis
2021.02.26 Experimental pilot study for augmented reality-enhanced elbow arthroscopy
2021.02.19 Identification of novel neuroblastoma biomarkers using urine samples
2021.02.16 Selective suppression of polyglutamine-expanded protein by lipid nanoparticle-delivered siRNA targeting CAG expansions in the mouse CNS
2021.02.03 Neurod4 converts endogenous neural stem cells to neurons with synaptic formation after spinal cord injury
2021.01.21 Rapid freezing reveals truer structure of brain connections
2021.01.20 Iron-Rich Kupffer Cells Exhibit Phenotypic Changes during the Development of Liver Fibrosis in NASH
2021.01.20 Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a predictor of lymph node metastasis in extramammary Paget's disease
2021.01.12 Expression of the chrXq27.3 miRNA cluster in recurrent ovarian clear cell carcinoma and its impact on cisplatin resistance.
2021.01.05 Microglial gene signature reveals loss of homeostatic microglia as a key event for driving neurodegeneration of Alzheimer's disease
2021.01.05 Shining Light specifically Destroys Microbes: Development of New Antibody-guided Photo- Antimicrobial Targeting Therapy (PAT2)
2020.12.25 Publication of frequent genetic abnormalities of immune checkpoint-related genes in intravascular large B-cell lymphoma ~Detection of genetic alterations using cell-free DNA in a rare type of malignant lymphoma~
2020.12.21 Malfunctions in the formaldehyde clearance processes cause a previously uncharacterized "AMeD syndrome."
2020.12.18 Rare Genetic Variants in the Gene Encoding Histone Lysine Demethylase 4C (KDM4C) and Their Contributions to Susceptibility to Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorder