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Tsurumai Campus Map

Tsurumai Campus Map/List of Facilities

Tsurumai Campus Map

Graduate School of Medicene / School of Medicene
A Medical Science Research Building 1 View exterior View interior
B Medical Science Research Building 2 View exterior View interior
C Medical Science Research Building 3 View exterior
D Basic Medical Research Building View exterior View interior
E Basic Medical Research Building Annex View exterior View interior
F Center for Research of Laboratory Animals and Medical Research Engineering (Division for Research of Laboratory Animals) View exterior
G Medical Library / Medical Museum / Co-op Cafeteria Medical Library
Medical Museum
Co-op Cafeteria
View interior
View interior
View interior
H Welfare Facility View exterior View interior
I Kakuyu Kaikan (Alumni Hall) View exterior View interior
University Hospital

*Link to Universtiy Hospital Website

1 Outpatient Building View exterior
2 Central Consultation Building A View exterior1
View exterior2
3 Central Consultation Building B View exterior
4 Ward Building View exterior1
View exterior2
5 Residence for Nurses A
6 Residence for Nurses B
7 Oasis Cube (welfare facility) View exterior
(※) RMH Nagoya Map

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