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3rd GAME TEI Summer Camp

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Summer is coming and GAME partners are organizing our summer school for this year. This year, Monash University (Australia) will be the host and the topic to cover will be PANDEMIC.

The event will cover tools of cooperation, global determinants of pandemic survival, global inequity, etc.

First session will be hold July 8th followed by 4 consecutive days on 7/26-7/29.

Please find attached the flyer for the event. If you are interested please send a direct email to:

Up to 6 students will be selected to join our program.

Deadline: 2021 June 16th

Monash University announced that they would host the third TEI in 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the program will be held virtually on the topic "Do you have what it takes to save humanity?"

The learning objective this year is to identify the factors contributing to a successful pandemic response and discuss aspects of health, economic, social and cultural inequity that impact on pandemic response and outcomes globally.


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Office of International Affairs Assoc. Prof. Itzel Bustos

2nd Online Clinical Case Discussion

Online Clinical Cases Discussion Jointly organized by CUHK, KU, LMU, MU & NU-

  • Aim to give medical students from our GAME partner universities the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences through virtual platform.
  • Aim to review medical topics through clinical cases discussion.
  • Aim to give medical students information about medical insurance system in each country
Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, students will be expected to:

  • Expose to different styles of teaching from other universities;
  • Analyze similarities /differences in diseases manifestations when compared to their home city/country;
  • Discuss different management protocols that they use according to different countries.
  • Learn about medical system in each country: Think of treatment options according to coverage.
  • 6 sessions in total: 120 minutes for each session and conducted through zoom.
  • English will be the language used in the presentation and discussion.
  • First session will be an introduction of the program, as well as introduction of the students and faculty.
  • Dates: Every Tuesday (5/25~6/19) at 11am (LMU)/ 6pm (Seoul, Tokyo) / 5pm (HK)/ 7pm (Monash)
  • The dates will be on
    • 1st session: 5/25 --- Introduction of program and meeting
    • 2nd session: 6/1 --- KU (Surgery)
    • 3rd session: 6/8 --- LMU(TBA)
    • 4th session: 6/15 --- CUHK (IM)
    • 5th session: 6/22 --- Monash (IM/ Rheumatology/Immunology)
    • 6th session: 6/29 --- NU (Peds)/ Closure

Office of International Affairs Assoc. Prof. Itzel Bustos