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2019.05.07 The mechanisms of axonal regeneration inhibition has been disclosed
2019.04.23 Proteomic Analysis of Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines from Schizophrenic Patients
2019.04.22 Hyper-activation of proprioceptor induces microglia-mediated long-lasting pain in a rat model of chronic fatigue syndrome
2019.02.27 Aberrant active cis-regulatory elements associated with downregulation of RET finger protein overcome chemoresistance in glioblastoma
2019.02.01 Development of a novel invasive test using leukocyte-derived proteins in urine for the diagnosis of glomerulonephritis
2019.01.29 Lipid droplets in the nucleus have function to fight against stress
2019.01.24 Identification of the cause of chronic active Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection and the mechanism by which EBV causes cancer
2019.01.24 The development of an artificial intelligence (AI) method for the estimation of a brain network relating to the onset of disease. ― An estimation of brain networks associated with autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia by analyzing the human genome ―
2019.01.23 Large Timescale Interrogation of Neuronal Function by Fiberless Optogenetics Using Lanthanide Micro-particles
2019.01.16 Microneedle-Array Patch Fabricated with Enzyme-Free Polymeric Components Capable of On-Demand Insulin Delivery
2018.11.19 Embryonic neocortical microglia express Toll-like receptor 9 and respond to plasmid DNA injected into the ventricle: technical considerations regarding microglial distribution in electroporated brain walls
2018.10.22 Regulatory mechanisms of risk management for cellular response to DNA damage -Novel mechanisms of DNA damage tolerance pathway choice regulated by ubiquitin ligases-
2018.09.20 The new mechanism of cardioprotection by endurance exercise ~Identification of the cardioprotective hormone derived form skeletal muscle~
2018.09.12 Comparative analyses of copy number variation in autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia ~Discovery of overlap of genetic risk variants and pathogenesis in the two psychiatric disorders~
2018.08.20 A novel system to assess the safety of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell and piggyBac transposon-mediated CD19 CAR-T cell
2018.07.19 Single-cell trajectory analysis of human homogenous neurons carrying a rare RELN variant
2018.06.28 Profile of non-communicable disease risk factors among urban public employees in northern Ethiopia has been first reported
2018.06.27 Differentiating cells mechanically limit progenitor cells' interkinetic nuclear migration to secure apical cytogenesis
2018.06.18 The mechanisms of the development of pancreatic cancer has been revealed
2018.06.04 Discovery of synaptotagmin 7 as a driver of liver metastasis formation of gastric cancer