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「FLAN Academic Symposium」 の開催のお知らせ

“FLAN”とは 本学医学系研究科の国際連携総合医学専攻(Joint Degree Program) の提携校である、フライブルク大学(ドイツ)、ルンド大学(スウェーデン)、アデレード大学(オーストラリア)、名古屋大学(Freiburg, Lund, Adelaide, Nagaya ) の4校からなるAcademic Alliance(学術共同体)のことです。 

今年度のFLANシンポジウムは本学が主催し、「FLAN Academic Symposiums」(四大学合同国際学術シンポジウム)が平成30年11月22日(木)鶴舞キャンパスにて行われます。各大学から、癌、糖尿病、心循環器疾患、精神疾患のTop researcherを招聘し、先端の研究発表が行われます。 同時にFLAN所属学生を招聘し、研究発表、ポスター発表を通じて学生間の交流を図ります。






■日 時: 11月22日(木)9:10~15:50
■場 所: 名古屋大学鶴舞キャンパス 鶴友会館 大会議室 
■言 語: 英語

Session 1  

  9:10-9:15 Opening Address by Dean Kenji Kadomatsu
  9:15-9:45 Prof. Shaun McColl 
                     “Cell migration in the immune response”
                      Deputy Head for Molecular & Biomedical Science, School of Biological Sciences,
                      Faculty of Science, University of Adelaide

9:45-10:15 Prof. Christoph Peters
                    “Molecular Oncology: From Research to Clinical Trails”
                       Professor, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research, University of Freiburg

10:15-10:45 Prof. Erik Renström
                     “Towards P4 medicine - medical science at Lund “
                      Dean, Lund University

10:45-11:15 Dr. Christina Bursill
                     “New Pathways for the Translation of High-Density Lipoproteins”
                     Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Adelaide

Session 2  

11:30-12:00  Prof. Shinya Toyokuni
                      “Biological and medical significance of ferroptosis”
                      Head of Department of Pathology and Biological, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

12:00-12:30 Prof. Amanda Page
                      “The Gut-Brain Axis and Appetite Regulation in Health and Disease“
                       Senior Research Fellow, Adelaide Medical School, 
                       Faculty of Health and Medical Science University of Adelaide

12:30-13:00 Assoc. Prof. Branko Aleksic 
                       “Comparative genetic analysis of autism and schizophrenia: Focus on rare“
                        Department of Psychiatry, Office of International Affairs

Student Session   14:00-14:40

14:00-14:07 Leonardo Zorrón Cheng Tao Pu
                      “Comprehensive Study on COlorectal Lesions (CoSCOL)”
                      Joint PhD Student, Adelaide-Nagoya, Gastroenterology

14:08-14:15 Beatriz Arakawa Martins
                    “Built Environment and Frailty: Understanding the influence of neighbourhoods on older people’s health.”
                      Joint PhD Student, Adelaide-Nagoya, Geriatrics

14:16-14:23 Jun Fukihara
                    “Targeting BMP pathway as a therapy for pulmonary fibrosis”
                    Joint PhD Student, Adelaide-Nagoya, Respiratory Medicine

14:24-14:31  Hideyuki Moriyoshi
                   “Development of biomarkers for female carriers of spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy”
                      Joint PhD student Nagoya-Lund, Neurology

14:32-14:39 Shohei Iyoshi
                 “Mesothelial cells create invasion frontier in peritoneal metastasis of epithelial ovarian cancer
                   Nagoya, Obstetrics and Gynecology


Student Poster Session   14:40-15:40

Josephine Ata Hinneh (Adelaide)                                   Yohei Tsukamoto (Nagoya)
Lukas Braun(Freiburg)                                                        Ibrahim Ragab Nassr Eissa (Nagoya)
Helena Engel (Freiburg)                                                     Yanjie Yu (Nagoya)
Viola Hollek (Freiburg)                                                        Xuan Phuoc Nguyen (Nagoya)
Susanne Kessler(Freiburg)                                               Umida Ganieva (Nagoya)
Paul Lopatta(Freiburg)                                                      He Yupeng (Nagoya)
Claudia Schoenichen(Freiburg)
Vanessa Veltum(Freiburg)
Josephine Völker(Freiburg)


15:40-15:50  Poster session Award
“Nagoya Univesity Graduate School of Medicine Dean’s Awads of Excellence“                  

                      Closing Adress by Prof. Hideki Kasuya



■講 師:Prof. Christoph Peters
                      Professor, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research, University of Freiburg

■場 所:名古屋大学鶴舞キャンパス 基礎研究棟 会議室2(生協印刷室隣)
■言 語: 英語

                    "Cancer 1: From Malignant Transformation to Local Progression

②平成30年11月20日(火) 14:30-16:00
                     “Cancer 2: From Invasive Growth to Metastasis“

③平成30年11月21日(水) 13:00-13:30
                     “Cancer 3: Advanced Diagnostics and Novel Therapies“


                                                                                   特別講演 ④


■講 師:Assoc. Prof. Itzel BUSTOS VILLALOBOS
                    G30 Associate Professor, Cancer Immune Therapy Research Center,
                     Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

■場 所:名古屋大学鶴舞キャンパス 基礎研究棟 会議室1(学務横隣)
■言 語:英語

④平成30年11月29日(木) 16:00-17:30
         “Oncolytic virus HF10 as combination therapy with anti-PD-L1 antibody to enhance anti-tumor immunity”


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