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Tsurumai Campus Map

Tsurumai Campus Map/List of Facilities

Graduate School of Medicene / School of Medicene
AMedical Science Research Building 1 View exterior View interior
BMedical Science Research Building 2 View exterior View interior
CMedical Science Research Building 3 View exterior
DBasic Medical Research Building View exterior View interior
EBasic Medical Research Building Annex View exterior View interior
FCenter for Research of Laboratory Animals and Medical Research Engineering (Division for Research of Laboratory Animals) View exterior
GMedical Library / Co-op Cafeteria Medical Library
Co-op Cafeteria
View interior
View interior
HWelfare Facility View exterior View interior
IKakuyu Kaikan (Alumni Hall) View exterior View interior
J(old) Radioisotope Research Center View exterior
University Hospital
1Outpatient Building View exterior
2Central Consultation Building A View exterior1
View exterior2
View interior
3Central Consultation Building B View exterior
4Ward Building View exterior1
View exterior2
5Residence for Nurses A
6Residence for Nurses B
7Oasis Cube (welfare facility) View exterior
(※)RMH Nagoya Map

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