Central Consultation Building A Floor Guide


Floor Central Consultation Building A
7F Department of Nursing / Administration Office /
Meeting Room
6F Emergency and Medical Intensive Care Unit /
General High Care Unit/
Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research
5F Department of Surgical Center /
Electronic Chart Training Room
4F Department of Patient Safety /
Department of Medical Devices /
Center for Maternal - Neonatal Care(Obstetrics and fertility, Neonatal Division) /
Department of Blood Purification (Dialysis Room)/
Department of Clinical Engineering
3F Department of Clinical Laboratory
(e.g.,endoscope cleaning room and laboratory testing) / Auditorium
Department of Blood Transfusion Service /
Department of Infectious Diseases (ICT)/
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine /
Meeting Room
2F Department of Clinical Laboratory
(Physiological Laboratory and Urine and Stool Analysis Room) /
Department of Rehabilitation /
Central Block of Radiology(MRI) /
NADIC Hall (Nagoya Disease Information Center)/
Central Blood Collection Room /
Clinical Nutrition(Nutrition and Dietary Instruction) /
Tsukushi Library / Piano Place /
Clinical Training and Career Development /
General Medicine※
1F Emergency and Critical Care Medicine /
Central Block of Radiology(X-ray Room) /
Disaster Prevention Center /
After-hour Consultation Reception Desk /
Medical IT Center
B1F Central Block of Radiology
(RI Examination Room / PET Room) /
Center for Advanced Medicine andClinical Research

※Temporary Operation

Floor Map