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Insulin resistance is a major pathological condition associated with lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Insulin resistance also can play a critical role in aging. Our laboratory aims to clarify the mechanism associated with insulin resistance and its countermeasure and to contribute to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. In particular, focusing on the prevention by exercise and nutritional interventions, we do human studies, in vivo animal studies, and molecular biological studies. Recently we also started research on glucose and energy metabolism in the central nervous system.

Research Projects

1. Basic and clinical studies on insulin resistance

In addition to the role of insulin resistance in glucose metabolism, we have been studying the role of insulin resistance in skeletal muscle and brain in recent years. Skeletal muscle, one of the main regulatory organs of glucose, has been gaining more attention as the impact of sarcopenia (age-related skeletal muscle loss), which is the main factor of physical weakness in the elderly. Healthy muscle is critical for QOL of the elderly. Age-related cognitive decline and increase of dementia are also serious concerns in an aging society. The prevention and treatment of sarcopenia and cognitive decline by exercise and nutrition therapy, which can optimize insulin resistance, are highly expected. With this background, using glucose metabolism, skeletal muscle quality and quantity, and chronic inflammation in the brain as indicators, we aim to find the way to decrease the risk of sarcopenia and cognitive decline or dementia.

2. Regulatory mechanisms of glucose metabolism and energy balance

Energy balance is regulated by central nervous system. While obesity, which is the cause of lifestyle-related diseases, is spreading all over the world at pandemic level, effective medical treatments have not yet been established. Therefore, elucidation of the mechanisms of obesity and the establishment of obesity treatment is expected. Our research focus is the mechanisms by which a high-fat diet impairs both glucose and energy metabolism, and the regulatory mechanisms of glucose metabolism by central nervous system as well. Especially, we are focused on protein tyrosine phosphatase 1BPTP1Bthat is the regulatory factor of insulin receptor signaling, leptin receptor signaling and inflammation. We use various genetically modified mice so that we can elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of glucose metabolism and energy balance.

Faculty Members

KOIKE Teruhiko Professor Sports Medicine
Banno Ryoichi Associate Professor Sports Medicine


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Research Keywords

exercise therapy、 physical training、 skeletal muscle、 glucose metabolism、 insulin resistance、 diabetes mellitus、 obesity

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