Tuition, Scholarship, Dormitory

*For International students enrolling at Nagoya University as the principal University


Student Payment (Entrance fee・Tuition)

※Please refer to the application forms

Entrance Fee *JPY 282,000 (scheduled) The entrance fee is the same as the regular medical PhD course
Tuition *A half semester JPY 267,900 (Scheduled/ Annual Fee JPY535,800) The tuition is the same as the regular medical PhD course
Tuition at the partner university Waived

In addition, if revision of student payments occur upon or during your enrollment at Nagoya University, the newly revised student payment amounts shall apply from when the revision was made.
※Tuition for the partner university will be waived.

Support for expenses

Travel expense support Maximum JPY 200,000 (once)
Support during the stay at the partner university JPY 200,000/month (12 month)


Institution-based (to be prepared by institution)

Australia Japan Foundation Grant is opened around February. The theme will be different every year.

Project-based (to be prepared by student and supervisor)

a) The Australian government offers the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships. The Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowship is opened around April every year.
b) The Japanese Government (JASSO) also provides scholarships for overseas study.

Dormitory (Under construction)

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