Symposium / Experience

Hung Chi Jung

Hung, Chi Jung,Master course 2ndyear
Nagoya U, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, 
Department of Neuroscience II: A. Yamanaka Laboratory
September 2017 
2017, Sep 26th, this is my first time in Europe. I was very excited that this study trip was going to an unfamiliar country, visiting a neuroscience laboratory and attending a symposium in the last day.
Germany, Freiburg was the place I went for 2 weeks, and it was a beautiful and peaceful place. It was cool when I was there. After landing, I took a train to downtown and transferred to Freiburg by bus. I was stunned that you can approach platform easily, but you still need a ticket for the train. However, I didn’t see anyone ride without paying the fare when I was in Germany. Moreover, when I rode on bus and train, they checked my ID card. All these things are never mentioned in the book, and the only way is going to the place and experience.
The laboratory I visited was Marlene Bartos’s lab, in Institute of Physiology, University of Freiburg. They invited me to attend their review of the lab. It was an extraordinary and treasured experience. I have never heard of anyone else having these kinds of experience in Japan. I saw how a professor running a lab, how stressful they were, how to collaborate with other labs, and a European style meeting. After that, I talked with the lab’s member. We discussed what they are doing, exchanged our information, and I learned some technology lab I am belonged to doesn’t have. 
Final day in Germany was my primary purpose of this trip, FAN symposium. I had a presentation about my research and discussed with professors from Adelaide and Freiburg University. Everyone in the symposium research the different field. It is an exceptional experience that we exchange idea with entirely different points of view. It made me brainstorming.
This trip is awe-inspiring and meaningful. It strengthens my willing to study in other countries more.
The picture was taken after the symposium in the restaurant. All people in the photo were symposium attendants.

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