Symposium / Experience

From Adelaide to Nagoya ①

Natasha Friend (PhD 2nd year, University of Adelaide, Australia)

Stay : Department of oncology,Nagoya University
Period : 2015/10/14 - 2015/10/31

I completed a two week laboratory placement with Prof Takashi Takahashi’s molecular carcinogenesis research group in the Department of Oncology at Nagoya University. I conducted preliminary experiments in some of their human lung cancer cell lines as part of my PhD studies in the field of cancer genetics. I am very grateful to everyone in the laboratory that went out of their way to not only assist with my laboratory work, but also to make my stay as enjoyable as possible. The city of Nagoya was very easy to navigate and was fun to explore, especially in terms of all the wonderful Japanese cuisine! Overall, the trip was a very rewarding experience on many levels, including gaining experience working in a world-renowned cancer research laboratory, obtaining experimental results that will further my PhD project and, more broadly, learning about how research is conducted in another country. I cannot thank everyone in Prof Takahashi’s research group and the staff of the International Office enough for their very kind hospitality during my stay.

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