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5th International Joint Symposium between University of Freiburg, University of Adelaide and Nagoya University (FAN)

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 5th International Joint Symposium between University of Freiburg, University of Adelaide and Nagoya University was hold on October 17-18 at University of Adelaide. Each university take a turn in hosting the symposium every year to promote a joint educational program in medical field among the 3 universities, and to seek opportunities to engage and develop the research collaborations.
The symposium started with welcoming remarks by Prof. Andrew Zannettiono from the University of Adelaide. 13 researchers from the 3 universities including the Dean Prof. Masahide Takahashi from the Graduate School of Medicine Nagoya University gave presentations targeting in Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Geriatrics, and Public Health. After the presentations, an active Q and A session took place, and the symposium ended as a great success. The outcome will play a great role in developing possible collaborations in the future. Additionally, 6 researchers presented their researches, and an academic strategy meeting was hold in next day, October 18, and direction and future issues regarding academic collaborations were discussed.
Moreover, a student session was included as a new approach to the program from last year, and 2 students from Nagoya University joined this session. They were placed in laboratory related to their research for 2 weeks in University of Adelaide, and experienced the research in overseas.
Having done this symposium for 4 times before, with the friendly atmosphere, not only the faculties but also students established deeper relationships. Further interactions among the 3 universities through this experience was expected.

October 17

Welcome to Symposium Prof Andrew Zannettino (University of Adelaide)
Session 1
  • Prof Christoph Peters (Freiburg)
    Cancer Research at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg and Beyond
  • Prof Masahide Takahashi (Nagoya)
    Roles of Akt / Girdin signalling in cancer progression and neurogenesis
  • A / Prof Lisa Butler (Adelaide)
    Lipidomic alterations in prostate tumor cells as markers of therapeutic response
Session 2
  • Dr Christiane Kugler (Freiburg)
    Evidence-based practice for Patients with chronic Conditions
  • Craig Lockwood (JBI) & Prof Gill Harvey (Nursing)
    Mobilising knowledge to improve patient care
  • Priv. Doz Dr Jörg Meerpool (Freiburg)
    Evidence based health care: contributions of the German Cochrane Centre
Session 3
  • Prof Robert Zeiser (Frieburg)
    Translation of Kinase inhibition strategies for immune modulation into the clinic
  • Prof Atsuko Aoyama (Nagoya)
    Non-communicable Diseases as a Global Health Agenda - NCD risk factors among the Urban Poor in Bangladesh
  • Prof John Lynch (Adelaide)
    EMPOWER – a NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in health systems, adversity and child well-being / EMPOWER-NHMRC
Session 4
  • Prof Kenji Kadomatsu (Nagoya)
    Mechanisms of axon regeneration inhibition after neuronal injury
  • Dr Renee Turner (Adelaide)
    A novel approach to improving clinical translation in stroke: Targeting cerebral oedema in a large animal model
  • Prof Kerstin Krieglstein (Freiburg)
    Overview on neuroscience research in medicine in Freiburg

October 18

Session 1
  • Prof Peter Psaltis (Adelaide) Revisiting the origins of vascular macrophages through the discovery of adventitial macrophage progenitor cells (AMPCs)
  • Prof Toyoaki Murohara (Nagoya) Vascular regeneration therapy for patients with critical limb ischemia
  • Prof Dr Michael Kohl (Freiburg) Systems Biology of the Heart: Model or Muddle
Session 2
  • Prof Msahisa Katsuno (Nagoya)
    Biomarker-based study on preclinical progression of neurodegeneration
  • Prof Renuka Visvanathan (Adelaide)
    Multi-disciplinary Frailty Research
  • Prof Masafumi Kuzuya (Nagoya)
    Frailty Cohort Study:Nagoya-longitudinal Study for Healthy Elderly (NLS-HE)
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