Psychiatry Director: IKEDA, Masashi (Professor)

We provide multidimensional treatment for patients and cases that have been increasing every year

From the standpoint of mental health care, we provide an appropriate assessment, advice, and treatment of patients with psychological problems in adolescence and adulthood.

Medical Care System

To ensure sufficient time for consultation and interview, we have introduced a complete appointment system for first-visit and revisit patients.
All first-visit patients are required to either telephone or visit the outpatient clinic of our department to make an appointment.

Target Diseases

We accept patients with various psychological problems such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and sleep disorder.

Strong Fields

Our staff is familiar with psychological problems in each life stage from adolescence to older age. We perform multidimensional treatment consisting of drug therapy, psychotherapy, and so forth. Also, we actively perform assessment of the brain function using neuroimaging tests such as brain MRI and SPECT, psychological tests, sleep polysomnography, etc.

Clinical Results

We provide the latest medical care for psychological problems, whose demand for medical support is increasing year by year, in the inpatient department (50 beds) and outpatient clinic. In addition, we also make efforts in hospital-clinic cooperation (with mental clinics in the community) and cooperation between hospitals (with mental hospitals in the community).

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

Although we do not have specialized outpatient clinics for specific diseases, we will make an appointment with the most appropriate doctor after asking about the patient's condition and other information at the time of initial consultation.

Advanced Medicine and Research

Our basic policy is "to determine the most appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic techniques" and "to identify the pathology and to aim at developing treatment and prevention methods appropriate for the pathology." We work and study hard every day to maintain the medical care we provide at the highest level so that we can utilize the most recent findings on psychological problems in daily clinical settings.