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Profile of Nagoya University Hospital 2023

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[Profile 2023]
Front Cover
Idea/Basic Decision, Declaration Regarding Patients' Rights and Responsibilities
Message from the Director of Nagoya University Hospital [P.2-4]

Index [P.5]
Organization Chart [P.6-7]
History [P.8-9]
Chronological List of Directors of University Hospital [P.10]

Part.1 Information on Departments/Facilities, etc. [P.11]
1-1 Department of Patient Safety/Medical Research and Clinical Ethics Promotion Office [P.12-13]
1-2 Clinical Departments [P.14-48]
1-3 Central Clinical Facilities, etc. [P.49-80]
1-4 Department of Hospital Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Technique, and Administration Office [P.81-84]

Part.2 Data [P.85]
2-1 University Hospital Staff, Number of Staffs [P.86-87]
2-2 Clinical Departments [P.88-90]
2-3 Legal Authorization of Medical Services [P.91]
2-4 Advanced Medical Technology [P.92]
2-5 Statistics in Fiscal Year 2022 [P.93-96]

Part.3 Facilities and Access [P.97]
3-1 Site Map in Tsurumai District [P.98]
3-2 Floor Guide [P.99]
3-3 Site Map in Daiko District [P.100]
3-4 Access [P.101]

Profile of Nagoya University Hospital 2012-2022