About Nagoya University Hospital

About Nagoya University Hospital


Message from the Director

koderabyoincho_hp.jpgThank you for visiting the homepage of Nagoya University Hospital.

Nagoya University Hospital celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Its origin was a temporary public hospital established in 1871 on the site of the former Nagoya domain council office. We are grateful to the people of Tokai for the understanding and support that has made us the core medical institution in this region.
In February 2019, our hospital became the first national university hospital to be accredited by the Joint Commisiion International (JCI). This certification guarantees medical care and patient safety in our hospital is of world-class quality--a testament to the efforts of the entire hospital staff to ensure we provide the highest levels of medical safety, a forerunner to all other national hospitals in Japan. This year, our university hospital is scheduled to undergo another JCI examination and aims to provide medical care founded on the prioritization of patient safety through Plan, Execute/Act (Do), Check, and Action. We will continue to make day-to-day improvements to remain a hospital that patients can feel secure in visiting.

Our hospital is one of the Core Clinical Research Hospital that leads the development of new clinical treatments that originate in Japan. In order to fulfill this role, we have established a center to support the research activity in all departments. Clinical studies and publications have increased as a result, improving the research capabilities of our hospital as a whole. We are also focused on bridging research aimed at developing novel pharmaceuticals and chemical entities, and promoting collaboration between clinicians and researchers in basic medicine and strengthening partnerships with companies in the development of medical devices and other fields, mainly through organizations that promote industry-academia-government collaboration.
The Medical xR Center, which is fully equipped with computer simulation facilities, is proving to be an excellent training resource for our staff with many healthcare professionals actively involved in improving their medical skills. We also provide specific medical act training for nurses in the local community to help nurture personnel who can provide appropriate medical care more quickly.
In addition, the hospital has recently focused on the Smart Hospital concept which uses information and communication technology to provide better medical care. Medical records from all departments within the hospital have been integrated allowing remote conferencing while sharing CT images and other data. With the establishment of the Tokai National Higher Education and Reserch System (THERS) as a national university corporation in April 2020, we have also begun to share medical record data with Gifu University Hospital.

In terms of medical care, multi-gene panel tests have increased due to increased activities as a core hospital for cancer genome medical care, and we plan to introduce and accelerate the use of robotic surgery in pediatrics for the first time. In addition, we would like to focus on measures for rare cancers in the future. We are envisioning the establishment of a center that can consolidate and treat patients with rare cancers, and we also want it to function as a consultation service for local doctors.
To share medical information within the local medical community, the home medical care coordination system "IIJ Electronics@Contact Book", was developed as a service in collaboration with other companies, and has been introduced to 49 municipalities in Aichi Prefecture and is expanding nationwide (as of April 2021). The system is designed to share medical and nursing care information on patients so that the government, medical, nursing care professionals can work together in a team, and is moving toward the realization of higher quality support. This system is also starting to be used to support countermeasures against COVID-19. In order to pioneer new medical care originating in Japan and to lead regional medical care, our hospital will continue to promote initiatives with an eye to the post-Corona era.

August 2021
Yasuhiro Kodera
Hospital Director of Nagoya University Hospital