Providing the best possible pharmaceutical care to patients is one of our priorities.
Our pharmacists are committed to improving patient quality of life (QOL) through proper use of drugs.
Our efforts are focused on the effective and safe use of drugs and the reduction of side effects as far as possible.
We are taking a pharmaceutical approach to alleviate pain, diarrhea and constipation to help patients enjoy meals, sleep well, and have regular bowel movements.

Separation of dispensing and prescription of drugs

The healthcare industry is now aiming to provide safer and better healthcare through cooperative efforts among specialists in various fields.
The concept behind the separation of dispensing and prescription of drugs is to provide safe healthcare through close cooperation between doctors and pharmacists.
Under this system, after examining a patient, the doctor writes a prescription for outside pharmacies, with which the patient can obtain the drug in a pharmacy close to his/her home.
We have adopted this system of issuing prescriptions for outside pharmacies in order to promote the separation of dispensing and prescription of drugs.

To receive drugs

  1. After your examination, the doctor will provide a prescription for outside pharmacies.
  2. Go to the Cashier (Receipts) on the first floor of the Outpatient Building to complete the payment.
  3. For convenience, you can fax the prescription in advance to the dispensing pharmacy where you will pick up the medication.
    Note: A fax machine, for which you need a prepaid phone card, is available in the waiting hall on the first floor of the Outpatient Building. You may also just go to any dispensing pharmacy without sending a fax in advance.
  4. Take the prescription to the dispensing pharmacy to which you faxed it, or any dispensing pharmacy if you did not send a fax.
  5. Receive your drugs and pay the prescription charge.

Prescriptions for outside pharmacies

Prescriptions for outside pharmacies are valid until the fourth day after the date of prescription. If you do not visit a pharmacy to receive the medication within four days, you will need to see the doctor again.
Anyone can use your prescription to pick up your medication for you.
If you lose your prescription, please contact the hospital.

As of December 1, 2013

Responsible department:

Clinical Pharmacy