Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Acting Director:KARUBE, Kennosuke (Professor)

Accurately providing pathological diagnosis indispensable for diagnosing diseases

As a pathological diagnosis center, we provide reliable, safe medical services through an accurate and high-quality pathological diagnosis.

Medical Care System

The department consists of seven full-time doctors and two part-time doctors (including nine doctors specialized in Clinical Pathology certified by Japanese Society of Pathology, six doctors specialized in cytodiagnosis certified by Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology), ten clinical laboratory technologists (including five cytoscreeners), and three administrative staff.

Scope of Medical Services

The department performs a pathological diagnosis by observing tissues through a microscope during a biopsy, operation, or cytological examination. A pathological diagnosis is indispensable for diagnosis of a disease and provides important information for decision on a treatment policy or prognostic. An autopsy of a patient, who sadly passed away, not only reveals the whole aspect of disease but also affords clues for new developments in medical treatment.

Strong Fields

The department performs as many as 1,000 intraoperative rapid diagnoses annually. An intraoperative rapid diagnosis is a pathological diagnosis of a sample collected during an operation over a short period of time to provide new information, and to use that information to make a decision on treatment policy.

Clinical Results

About 14,000 histological assessments, about 7,700 cytological diagnoses, and 25 autopsies were performed last year. We accept a second opinion diagnosis of sample diagnosed in other facilities to provide equal standards of medical care.

Advanced Medicine and Research

The department diagnoses and researches rare diseases such as hematopoietic tumors including malignant lymphoma.