Hand Surgery Director:YAMAMOTO, Michiro (Professor)

The latest treatment and research and development specialized on the hands based on high expertise

We specialize in the treatment of conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs including the shoulder girdle and hands, injury, nerve paralysis, circulatory disorders, and congenital malformations.

Medical Care System

Six doctors who specialize in diseases and injuries of the upper limbs provide medical care in the specialized outpatient clinic five days a week and perform about 400 surgeries a year. While holding conferences with doctors, four occupational therapists perform post-treatment adapted to each patient.

Target Diseases

Fractures and dislocations, tendon and ligament injuries, work-related upper limb diseases, sports injuries, entrapment neuropathy, traumatic nerve injury, spastic hand, joint diseases and contracture of the upper limbs, quadruple amputation, osteoarticular infection, circulatory disorders and aseptic bone necrosis, tumors, and neoplastic lesions.

Strong Fields

Treatment of intractable osteoarthropathy of the upper limbs, paralysis due to a peripheral nerve disorder, hand reconstruction and treatment of pain, contracture removal and musculoskeletal reconstruction for contracted hands, treatment of circulatory disorders of the upper limbs, minimally invasive surgery for small joint disorders, congenital anomaly, and functional reconstruction of hands.

Clinical Results

We are committed to minimally invasive surgery utilizing endoscopy and operating microscopes, and we have performed more than 1,000 endoscopic wrist surgeries, which is an outstanding number in Japan. We introduce the latest treatment techniques for the treatment of peripheral nerve palsy as well.

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

We provide medical care in the specialized outpatient clinic from Monday through Friday. There are six exclusive doctors, and we accept referred patients in and outside of Aichi Prefecture.

Advanced Medicine and Research

We perform functional reconstruction of upper limbs using composite tissue transplantation. In the field of research, we promote the development of materials for the treatment of peripheral nerve disorders, artificial bone, materials for the treatment of fractures, and upper limb rehabilitation supporting devices.