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The Department of Hand Surgery was founded in 1968 as the Hand Surgery Clinic at Nagoya University’s Branch Hospital. It moved to Nagoya University Hospital in 1996 where, in 2001, it had the distinction of being established as the first independent Department of Hand Surgery in Japan.

Research Projects

Augmented reality simulation for elbow arthroscopy
Corrective osteotomy for bone deformity using custom made plate
Multi-center rater-blinded study of early intervention with the Hand Incubator for breast-cancer-related lymph edema
Cross-cultural difference in attitudes regarding treatment for finger amputation between Japan and the US.
Development of novel technique for fragility fractures using expandable nonwoven-polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) fiber mat, high fracture toughness injectable-CPC, and PLLA stent
Development of prosthetic hand using tacit learning system
Brain function analysis for complex regional pain syndrome
Motor function reconstruction using iPS cell transplantation

Faculty Members

Hitoshi Hirata Professor Hand Surgery
Katsuyuki Iwatsuki Associate Professor Hand Surgery
Hidemasa Yoneda Associate Professor Hand Surgery


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  • 2016
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  • 2015
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Research Keywords

hand surgery、orthopaedics、brain function、artificial intelligence、neuron、pain、regenerative medicine、lymph、extremity trauma、limb amputation、fracture