Emergency and Medical Intensive Care Unit Director:NUMAGUCHI, Atsushi (Clinical Lecturer)

Emergency and Medical Intensive Care Unit

The Emergency and Medical ICU (EM-ICU) provides the most intensive acute-phase treatment for adult and pediatric patients, in closed settings, cooperating with emergency department and any other specialist in each field.

Medical Care System

EM-ICU accepts patients with the most severe medical conditions from all over the hospital, including the emergency department. The exclusive staffs including specialists of emergency and intensive medicine, cooperate with many experts to provide multidisciplinary treatment.

Target Diseases

EM-ICU provides treatment for patients, who suffer from severe medical conditions such as post cardiac arrest syndrome, severe sepsis, acute drug intoxication, acute respiratory failure including Covid-19 as well as conditions dependent on intensive devices such as mechanical circulatory support devices, renal replacement herapies, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. We deal with severe pediatric patients as well as adult patients.


The exclusive staffs include physicians specialized in emergency and intensive medicine, who are good at managing acute conditions systematically and multilaterally. Cooperating with many experts in the hospital, the severest acute cases could be treated successfully, including systemic inflammatory syndromes such as sepsis and disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome, severe heart failure aiming at heart transplantation, pediatric malignancies with multi organ failure, and so on.

Other Undertakings

We provide state-of-art acute phase treatment, which is strength of university hospital that embraces multiple experts. And we also undergo clinical researches, which is strength of a research and educational hospital.