Central Block of Radiology Director:NAGANAWA, Shinji (Professor)

Safe and advanced diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy

Using the latest medical devices and team medicine, we perform safe and advanced diagnostic imaging tests and radiation therapy.

Medical Care System

Fluoroscopic examination

The department consists of one director (professor), one deputy director (professor), one clinical lecturer, one assistant professor, one clinical assistant professor, 76 radiological technologists, 27 nurses, and eight administrative staff. Radiologists join this team and cooperate with doctors and nurses in each clinical department.

Scope of Medical Services

Diagnostic imaging tests such as general X-ray photographs, angiograms, GI series, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine studies such as scintigraphy, SPECT, and PET and radiation treatment such as linear accelelator, and encapsulated sealed radioactive source.


The latest medical devices such as 8 units MRI apparatus including 4 units 3 Tesla MRI intraoperative MRI system, MRI for radiation treatment planning, 2 units PET/CT, Dual Energy CT, 320 row CT, Ultra high resolution CT, Angiography in a hybrid operating room intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), cyber knife, tomotherapy etc. are introduced in clinical divisions including image diagnosis, nuclear medicine, and radiation treatment.

Clinical Results

General X-ray photographs (simple) 128,295 cases, general X-ray photographs (contrast radiography) 6,099 cases, angiogram 2,917 cases, CT 54,201 cases, MRI 19,586 cases, radioisotope examination 4,932 cases, mammary gland and thyroid ultrasound 4,252 cases,bone mineral measurement 1,607 cases, radiation treatment 13,951 (in fiscal year 2021).

Advanced Medicine and Research

The department is working on the development of advanced medicine such as clinical imaging using high field MRI, high precision radiation treatment, novel nuclear medicine diagnostic method, as well as our presenting research results at domestic and international academic conferences or in papers.

Radiation therapy 
Clinical training