Anesthesiology Director:NISHIWAKI, Kimitoshi (Professor)

Extensive pain treatment as well as surgical anesthesia and surgical intensive care

We perform surgical anesthesia and perioperative systemic management and provide medical care in the pain clinic mainly targeting chronic pain.

Medical Care System

The department consists of 44 members. We provide general anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, and spinal anesthesia for all patients undergoing surgery or examinations for 24 hours. The pain clinic is open for outpatients on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and the clinic also provides inpatient medical care. We also play an active role in the management of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

Target Diseases

Surgical anesthesia is provided for all diseases that require it. The pain clinic treats patients with all diseases with pain, mainly chronic pain, such as postherpetic neuralgia, CRPS, and trigeminal neuralgia. The surgical intensive care unit provides systemic management of severely ill patients, mainly during the perioperative period.

Strong Fields

We actively perform peripheral nerve block under ultrasonographic guidance both in surgical anesthesia and in the pain clinic. In the pain clinic, we perform spinal cord electric stimulation therapy, nerve block using high-frequency thermocoagulation, and various other nerve blocks.

Clinical Results

The number of cases where this department was in charge of the surgical anesthesia was 6,154 in fiscal year 2021. The pain clinic treated 30 outpatients a day and two inpatients at one time.

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

We provide pain treatment at a dedicated outpatient clinic as well as preoperative patient assessment.

Advanced Medicine and Research

We conduct many research such as neurogenic pulmonary edema, the effect of anesthetics on vascular endothelial cells, heart rate variability, and postoperative pain control with peripheral nerve block under ultrasonographic guidance.