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Medical Science Research Building 3


FloorMedical Science Research Building 3
10F Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research
9F Hand Surgery/Education for Community-Oriented Medicine(*)/
Advanced Cardiovascular Therapeutics(*)/
Clinical Psychiatry(*)/Institute for Glyco-cor Reasearch/Project Space/
Personalized Medical Technology/Cancer Immune Terapy Restarch Center
8F Developmental Disability Medicine(*)/Human genetics and Molecular genetics/
Therapeutics for neuroimmunological/Renal Replacement Therapy(*)/
Upper and Lower Limb Traumatology(*)/ Project Space/
Gastroenterology and Hepatology/Perioperative Management System(*)
7F Toxicogenomics/Biostatistics/Project Space/
Promotion Office for Leading Graduate Programs/RWDC satellite/Systems Biology/
Department of Clinical Oncology and Chemotherapy (Training Program of Oncology Specialist)/
Cardiac Surgery/Endocrinology and Diabetes/Legal Medicine and Bioethics
6F Library/Project Space/Nagoya University-MENARD Collaborative Research/
Laboratory of Bell Research Center-Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Collaborative Research/
Human Nutrition/Neurology
5F Center for Neurological Diseases and Cancer/Division for Medical Research Engineering/
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Group/
Women Leaders Program to Promote Well-being in Asia/
Promotion Office for Medical Engineering Technologies/
Philips Co-Creation Satellite Nagoya/Project Space
4F Division for Medical Research Engineering
3F Histology・Pathology Lab/Dissection Educational Facility
2F Dissection Educational Facility
1F Radioisotope Research Center Medical Division
B1F Radioisotope Research Center Medical Division/Facilities

Laboratories marked with an asterisk (*) represent endowed chairs