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Industry-Academia Collaborative ChairNagoya University-MENARD Collaborative Research Chair

Nagoya University and Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co., Ltd, Collaborative Research Chair was established on May 1, 2013. Our purpose is to create new products that can truly contribute to the society through the cooperation to share and merge our techniques, knowledge, and know-how.

Japan is facing the rapid development of a declining birthrate and a growing population of elderly people, and other developed countries are following the trend.
A greater population of elderly people is going to be a worldwide big concern in the near future, and needs for medical, cosmetic and health services are expected to grow increasingly.

To meet these needs, this collaborative research chair aims for (i) innovation of the technologies utilized for developing products (medicines, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and health foods etc.) that will help make our life more comfortable, (ii) activation of
the whole health care industry, including the marketing of new products, and also (iii) advancement of life science research, which will support all these efforts.
The most advanced equipment and an accumulated product of much research at Nagoya University enable our collaborative research chair to develop and strengthen basic research that lays the groundwork for manufacturing. In combination with the manufacturing know-how and the distribution channels, we aim to establish technologies that truly contribute to our society through creating and stably supplying new products and services for better QOL (Quality of Life).