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Industry-Academia Collaborative ChairDepartment of Innovative Biomedical Visualization (iBMV)

The purpose of this department is to acquire anatomical/physiological/pathological information of the central nervous system and other tissues by applying highly accurate and quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and artificial intelligence. In particular, the elucidation of the morphology and dynamics of the interstitial space of the central nervous system is the main target of this department. Among the structures and functions of the central nervous system, vascular structures perfusion functions, functions mainly consisting of nerve cell structures and their networks have been clarified at a considerable level so far. On the other hand, research on the structure and function of the interstitial space, which can be said to be the infrastructure structure of the central nervous system tissue, has not progressed as compared with other fields. The dynamics of neurofluid including cerebrospinal fluid and interstitial fluid that fill the interstitial space and the central nervous system can be said to be one of the last frontiers in clarifying the structure and function of the central nervous system. Elucidation of the dynamics of neurofluid will play an important role in maintaining healthy brain function. We will also study the endolymphatic system of the inner ear, which is one of the regions filled with interstitial fluid in the nervous system. We made research for objective and accurate automated evaluation conditions mainly by evaluation using artificial functions and machine learning. It will provide an objective response assessment index that helps in consistent treatment of patients.