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Endowed ChairsDepartment of Perioperative Management System

Faculty Members

MORI Atsushi Lecturer Department of Perioperative Management System
KONISHI Yuko Assistant Professor Department of Perioperative Management System

Since the introduced of inhaled anesthetics to surgical practice, the influence of these drugs to cancer patients remains unclear. The goal of our lab is to develop the best combination of inhaled and intravenous anesthetics for each patient in order to manage safe peri- and post-operative patient care including cancer patient. We have examined various human solid tumors to see its influence of anesthetic exposure. Recently we have investigated that sevoflurane changed malignant genes of colon tumor such as Wnt genes as transcription level by means of transcriptome meta analysis. Also the Establishment of post-operative delirium (POD) and post-operative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) cellular and animal models are one of our study themes.