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Endowed ChairsDepartment of Developmental Disability Medicine


The Department of Developmental Disability Medicine was established at the Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, and its Chair was appointed in November 2011.
This was initiated by the Aichi prefecture to foster doctors who engage in developmental disability medicine. In the Aichi prefecture, we have a shortage of doctors at institutions or hospitals for disabled persons.
Young doctors tend to be more interested in the field of medicine related to the cure of diseases or injuries than that related to supporting the life of persons with disabilities. Medicine cannot cure cerebral palsy, brain sequelae of encephalitis, autism, mental retardation, and, of course, SMID. However, medicine can support the lives of persons with disabilities and improve their quality of life.
Three doctors work for this division: a pediatrician (child neurologist), an orthopedist, and a child psychiatrist.

Faculty Members

Jun Natsume Professor Department of Pediatrics
Kenichi Mishima Assistant Professor Department of Orthopedics
Mako Morikawa Assistant Professor Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities (SMID), Profoud Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD), Cerebral palsy, Skeletal Dysplasia, Muscular dystrophy, Developmental Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities