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PathologyPathology and Biological Responses


Our laboratory (Toyokuni Laboratory) studies biological significance of oxidative stress from cell to human levels widely and deeply. We work on several different projects described below, by the use of genetic, biochemical as well as molecular approaches, still emphasizing on pathologic techniques. We seek for graduate students highly interested in oxidative stress, irrespective of their schools for bachelor. In our laboratory students can naturally learn basic animal/human histology/pathology, which are essential for analyzing genetically engineered animals. Japanese MD students can be in a training program for registered pathologists during the PhD course, and are given a part-time job in our affiliated hospitals. Shinya Toyokuni is the current President of the Society for Free Radical Japan (SFRR Japan) and of the Japanese Bioiron Society (JBIS). He is also the current President of SFRR Asia and SFRR International.

Research Projects

  1. Analysis of oxidative stress-induced carcinogenesis
    We have studied ferric nitrilotriacetate (Fe-NTA)-induced renal carcinogenesis model for more than 25 years, and are now in a maturation stage. We have been interested in a question whether there are any target genes for oxidative stress-induced carcinogenesis. In 2002, we published a paper in Am J Pathol with a commentary, describing that allelic loss of p16 tumor suppressor gene (a target gene) occurs as early as a few weeks after the start of Fe-NTA administration. Then, we proposed a concept of oxygenomics (Toyokuni and Akatsuka, J Clin Biochem Nutr 2006), which analyzes susceptible portions of the genome against oxidative stress. Thereafter, we have performed array-based comparative genomic hybridization analyses on Fe-NTA-induced renal cell carcinoma, which revealed massive chromosomal alterations, including amplifications and deletions in WILD-TYPE rats. These changes are not usually observed in other animal models but are quite similar to those of human cancers. Thus, we believe that fundamental cause of human cancer is oxidative stress via catalytic iron. We also work on preventive interventions, using this model.


  2. Toxicity and carcinogenicity studies on fibrous inorganic nanomaterials
    project2.jpgWe have been working on elucidating asbestos-induced mesothelial carcinogenesis since 2006 after Kubota shock. In the textbook, it is described that asbestos which contains high amounts of iron (crocidolite and amosite; blue and brown asbestos) is more than 100 times carcinogenic than asbestos that does not contain iron (chrysotile; white asbestos). However, this was not the case, especially with intraperitoneal administration. In 2012 we reported that white asbestos is as carcinogenic as blue and brown asbestos, when directly exposed to mesothelial cells (Jiang et al. 2012). This is closely associated with hemolysis by white asbestos, followed by adsorption of hemoglobin on its surface. Then, we showed that iron chelation therapy is useful for mesothelioma prevention in an animal model (Nagai et al. Cancer Prev Res 2013). We are currently developing novel therapeutic strategies as well. On the other hand, we evaluated novel fibrous nanomaterials (multiwalled carbon nanotubes; MWCNT), which are similar to asbestos in physical dimension. We found that its diameter is a critical factor for mesothelial carcinogenesis; namely MWCNT of 50 nm diameter was most carcinogenic (Nagai et al, PNAS 2011). This data was used for describing the carcinogenicity of 50 nm-MWCNT to be Group 2B by IARC. We believe that currently MWCNT is used with ample care in the society. We are working on its carcinogenic mechanisms.

  3. Development of oxidative stress markers and visualizing techniques
    project3.jpgBased on the several animal models mentioned above, we develop novel oxidative stress markers. Monitoring oxidative stress is very important because it is associated with a variety of pathologies, including atherosclerosis, diabetes and aging. Recently, we published a novel method to visualize catalytic ferrous iron with RhoNox-1 (Mukaide et al. Free Radic Res, 2014) with cooperative efforts. Fe(II) is important in initiating Fenton reaction in vivo.

  4. Studies on non-thermal (low temperature) plasma
    project4.jpgPlasma is the 4th condition of physical states, other than solid, liquid and gas, and consists of light, gas, electrons, radicals, ions, etc. Sun and thunder are the natural plasma, but they are in a high temperature. In the 1990’s, it has become possible to general plasma of near body temperature. We are currently trying to find out medical applications, using this non-thermal plasma. After a few years’ of experiments, we know that non-thermal plasma can load adjustable oxidative stress to any place we want (Okazaki et al. J Clin Biochem Nutr 2014). Thus, we hope to apply non-thermal plasma to sterilization, hemostasis and cancer therapy.

  5. Studies on pathologic diagnosis
    We work on several issues on the diagnostic problems of human specimens.

Faculty Members

TOYOKUNI, Shinya Professor Pathology and Biological Responses
OKAZAKI, Yasumasa Associate professor Pathology and Biological Responses
AKATSUKA, Shinya Lecturer Pathology and Biological Responses
MOTOOKA, Yashiro Assistant Professor Pathology and Biological Responses


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