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The molecular mechanisms for neurodegenerative diseases such as motor neuron disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS) and Alzheimer's disease remain unknown. Therefore, therapeutic strategy has not been established. Our laboratory aims to elucidate the mechanism of onset and progression of motor neuron disease, which have been shown to be derived from the pathological changes within different cell types; motor neurons and glial cells. We will analyze inherited ALS, using mouse, cell culture, and in vitro system as models. Based on these studies, we expect to design the therapeutic interventions for the sporadic neurodegenerative diseases.

Research Projects

  1. Studies on neuroinflammation in ALS and Alzheimer's disease
  2. Studies on M1-, M2- conversion of microglia
  3. Studies on TGF-β1 as a regulator of ALS pathology
  4. Studies on TDP-43 (ALS10)

Faculty Members

YAMANAKA Koji M.D., Ph.D. Professor Department of Neuroscience and Pathobiology
KOMINE Okiru Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Neuroscience and Pathobiology
WATANABE Seiji Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Neuroscience and Pathobiology
ENDO Fumito M.D., Ph.D. Designated assistant Professor Department of Neuroscience and Pathobiology


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  • 2015
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Research Keywords

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)、 Alzheimer's disease、 neurodegenerative diseases、 neuron、 microglia、 astrocyte、 neuroinflammation、 SOD1、 TDP-43