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Last update: 2006/04/06

The rapid development of modern medicine and medical care represented by technologies such as gene therapy, organ transplantation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are based on the development of various sciences and technologies, such as molecular biology, immunology, and electronics. We are living in era where the results of cutting edge sciences are directly connected with medical care. It means that modern medicine is at a turning point from experience based science to science based on theories. There is no doubt that this trend will be accelerated further. In addition, new experts such as clinical pharmacists and transplant coordinators are emerging and skilled engineers with a background of basic medicine are required by bio-industry. To foster talented people who have obtained knowledge of interdisciplinary sciences and the basics of medicine is quite important and is an urgent task to support medicine in the 21st century.
In the graduate school, master's course, we will systematically and intensively teach a wide range of topics based on the basics of medicine and their application to make students who have previously learned various special areas, will now study in departments other than those such as the departments of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, so they will become researchers and educators who can contribute to cutting-edge research in medicine. At the same time, we will foster talented people who can take an active part in clinical medicine, industrial hygiene, sports medicine, and clinical pharmacy, etc.


In the educational year 2002 (the first class) all 25 students have obtained all necessary credits and graduated. 13 entered the doctoral course (3 students went to other universities), 7 hold positions in private companies and 2 hold positions in public institutions. The remaining 3 are now preparing for entrance on to the doctoral course, graduate school of medicine.