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Entrance Examination (Master Course)

Last update: 2006/04/18

The number of applicants is increasing year by year, and we can see that interest in the master's course is growing.
The numbers of graduates from the departments of pharmacy, science and agriculture for both applicants and successful applicants are increasing. 80% of all successful applicants in 2004 were those from these three departments. This may be dependent on the contents of examination questions. The total score of the examination is 100 points, for three areas: common science subjects (obligatory subjects, 40 points), special science subjects (select one subject from physics, molecular biology, pharmacy and social medicine, 20 points) and English (obligatory subject, 40 points). At first, we set the portion of special subjects larger and the portion of common subjects smaller, in order to make it easier for graduates of humanities. However, the number of successful applicants among graduates of humanities did not increase as expected, so we suspended such considerations for the proportion of subjects for the past two years.