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Tokuron(Special Lecture)

Last update: 2009/10/27

Tokuron (special lecture)

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Special lectures on medical science (Tokuron)

We annually invite more than 150 leading scientists from Japan or worldwide, and host special lectures on medical sciences, abbreviated as Tokurons in Japanese. The lecturers present the cutting-edge research achievements covering a wide range of research topics. Most graduate students will find the Tokurons stimulating, and may come across a novel research idea. In addition, the lecturer possibly becomes a future mentor or an advisor of the attendee. In this way, the Tokurons potentially serve as a special platform for the research exchange. Most lectures are unfortunately given in Japanese, which provokes a language barrier for foreign students. Most lecturers, however, are able to communicate in English. It is stipulated that graduate students should attend more than 10 Tokurons before graduation. We encourage all the graduate students to expand their research knowledge by attending as many Tourons as possible and by enthusiastically participating in the question and answer sessions.