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Vice Dean for International Affairs



Professor Kasuya was appointed as the Vice Dean for International Affairs at Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine and School of Medicine in April 2022.

The Vice Dean for International Affairs harnesses deep insight into international society and strongly conducts his leadership in internationalization at the university. He also focuses on global activities and international partnerships with world-wide universities to enhance the university's development.

Professor Kasuya is a surgeon of Gastroenterology and a basic medicine researcher who has fully devoted himself in developing oncolytic viruses to suppress pancreatic tumors for a long time. Not only has he shown great achievements in such areas but he also contributes to the university by developing global networks as the chair of the office of International Affairs. He was born in Japan but he spent his childhood in the US. After he came back to Japan and stayed for more than 15 years in his early years, he moved to the US again for his research activities when he started his career as a researcher. Through his long stay in the US, he expanded his international insight into global societies and deepened his knowledge about international relationships. Since he was appointed as the Associate Dean for International Affairs in 2016, he has accumulated considerable experience in international settings and fully aided the internationalization of the university as the representative of the university.


Hideki Kasuya MD, PhD, FACS

Vice Dean of Graduate School of Medicine
Professor of International Medical Education
Director of International Affairs Office

Nagoya University School of Medicine
65 Tsurumai-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya
Aichi, JAPAN
TEL: +81-52-744-2507
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