Transplant Coordination Service Manager:MARUYAMA, Shoichi (Professor)

The center for organ transplantation in the hospital, or cooperation between hospital and local clinics, and patient services

The department provides patients requiring organ transplantation with information and advice and serves as a liaison between the related departments in the hospital and with outside institutions.

Operation System

The full-time transplant coordinators (nurses) provide patients with physical and psychosocial care throughout the process, from initial consultation and waiting list, to hospital admission, surgery, and medical care after discharge from the hospital, while working closely with related clinics and departments in the hospital and with local medical institutions.

Scope of Medical Services

In addition to the above, another important role is to protect living donors (organ donors) and provide them with psychosocial care for life. For transplantation from brain-dead donors, which is now increasing, the department manages the conditions of patients waiting for donation in close liaison with local institutions.

Medical Service Results

We are also preparing for liver transplantation, kidney transplantation, heart transplantation, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and lung transplantation. We perform various business necessary for transplantation medicine. Especially in the psychosocial aspect, we cooperate with psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, Center for Community Liaison and Patient Consultations, etc.

Other Undertakings

We strive to establish the best system to address various issues regarding not only technical matters but also ethical, financial, and psychosocial aspects that arise during the period while the patient is waiting for a donor organ to when a donor is found and the patient undergoes the transplantation, and then while the patient is receiving lifelong care.