Stroke Care Managing Center Director:MIZUNO, Masaaki (Clinical Professor)

Enhancement of the quality of stroke care

The department endeavours to link together with medical institutions in the Tokai region using information technology and establishing stroke association medical care centering on the patients and citizens.

Operation System

The doctor in charge of stroke medical care plays a central role in establishing new diagnostic and treatment methods for stroke, strengthens coordination with the nursing field, and furthers construction of an integrated home healthcare/welfare (nursing care) network for community benefits.

Scope of Medical Services

  1. Working to build and spread a foundation of ICT related to regional cooperative medical research.
  2. Working to build and spread a foundation of ICT related to regional comprehensive care.
  3. Facilitating the state of a comprehensive network for homehealthcare/ welfare (nursing care) based on the regional healthcare vision in order to resolve the “2025 problem” (a MHLW initiative to handle healthcare for Japan’s aging baby-boomer population, which will reach 8 million by the year 2025).

Strong Fields

The center developed the standardization of medical information on an electronic basis (HL7, CDA, DICOM) and the technology of sharing (XDS) technology intended for the stroke medical field to demonstrate the effectiveness of the stroke association medical care system as a first in Japan. In addition, the center is using these technologies to build a comprehensive network of healthcare/welfare (nursing) that seamlessly combines medical care and nursing, and is promoting its implementation in the Aichi Prefecture area.

Medical Service Results

The ICT infrastructure for regional medical cooperation and comprehensive integrated care established by this center has been introduced in 70 municipalities, mainly in Aichi Prefecture. In FY2022, approximately 19,000 professionals (medical care, nursing care, welfare, administration, etc.) participated and over 32,000 patients are registered.

Other Undertakings /Advanced Medicine

  1. In cooperation with the Aichi Medical Association, we support the formulation of a regional medical vision by providing medical and nursing care data analysis support.
  2. We operates a "regional network support window" to support regional networks and individual.