Rheumatology Director:IMAGAMA, Shiro (Professor)

Diversified actions include providing information on the treatment of rheumatism

We treat patients with rheumatic diseases that cause damage to motor organs such as joints.

Medical Care System

We perform surgical therapy and drug therapy for patients with rheumatic diseases. In addition, our department is one of the few facilities that are committed to the treatment of hemophilic arthropathy, and we safely perform surgeries in cooperation with Hematology Department. We cooperate closely with departments such as Respirology, Nephrology, and Gastroenterology and Hepatology, and are ready to manage complications and adverse drug reactions.

Target Diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis (about 1,200 registered patients), hemophilic arthropathy (about 200 registered patients) and spondyloarthritis (about 130 registered patients).

Strong Fields

We aim at minimally invasive and precise surgery and actively perform surgical therapy. For drug therapy, we basically use methotrexate and actively use biologic drugs as well. In addition, we examine the outcome of treatmens in real clinical practice from perspective to help understand pathological condition and determine treatment strategies.

Clinical Results

We perform implantation of joint prosthesis in 30 patients and forefoot joint arthroplasty in 15 patients a year and use biologic drugs in about 400 patients a year.

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

Rheumatism outpatient clinic and hemophilia outpatient clinic.

Advanced Medicine and Research

We actively conduct clinical studies for drug development; we are conducting clinical studies for the development of two antirheumatic drugs. We are focusing on cartilage matrix and elucidation of the pathology of joint destruction, and expect to develop new methods of treatment.We are conducting multiple multicenter collaborative clinical studies as a central institute.