Department of Rehabilitation Director:NISHIDA, Yoshihiro (Clinical Professor)

Targeting early recovery through early rehabilitation

In principle, we mainly perform rehabilitation in the acute stage.

Medical Care System

9 exclusive doctors
33 physical therapists
9 occupational therapists
6 speech-language-hearing therapists

Scope of Medical Services

The department conducts physical therapy, occupational therapy and eating / swallowing therapy for cerebrovascular diseases, motor system diseases, breathing problems, cardiac macrovascular diseases, and cancer patients. In addition, We conducts psychiatric occupational therapy and hearing test.

Strong Fields

In this department, we offer rehabilitation services during the perioperative period in order to provide the best possible acute care medicine befitting an advanced treatment facility. Our services are available to a wide range of departments offering treatment of a broad range of patients from infants to the elderly. In addition, as a designated cancer hospital we are also active in providing cancer rehabilitation interventions.

Clinical Results

The department’s rehabilitation services in 2021: physical therapy 70,549 sessions, occupational therapy 13,916 sessions, and speech-language-hearing therapy 8,417 sessions (29.1% of patients had cerebrovascular disease, 17.6% had locomotor disease, 20.9% had respiratory disease, 9.2% had heart and large vessel disease, 18.1% had cancer, 4.7% had disuse syndrome, and 0.3% had dysphasia).

Other Undertakings

Education for other departments in the hospital about rehabilitation for various diseases. In addition, our intern program keeps us actively involved in the cultivation of talented human resources who can contribute to the regional community.