Rare Cancer Center Director:KODERA Yasuhiro (Professor)

In Japan, 15% of cancer patients fall within the category of "rare cancer.

Rare cancer refers to cancers with an annual prevalence of less than 6 per 100,000 population. Because of its reality, there are many challenges in clinical medicine and research. Nagoya University has set up a multidisciplinary center to resolve these issues.

Operation System

We are planning to open a dedicated consultation desk "Rare Cancer Hotline" to respond to inquiries about rare cancer from patients, their families, and local medical professionals. This center goes beyond the boundaries of clinical departments and has a system of cooperation with related clinical departments and diagnostic / treatment departments.

Scope of Medical Services

In the treatment of rare cancers, the lack of information about the disease and treatment is often a problem. We plan to disseminate information on rare cancers by holding open lectures for patients and their families and workshops for medical staff in collaboration with other cancer departments in our hospital.