Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Acting Director:KIMURA, Hiroyuki (Associate Professor)

Facilitating mental health and supporting development of youths

We provide psychiatric diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for children and adolescents under 13 with mental health problems and developmental matters.

Medical Care System

To ensure sufficient time for consultation and interviews, we have implemented a reservation only system for new and returning patients.

Target Diseases

We provide psychiatric care for developmental disorders such as language delay and other developmental matters, hyperactivity, poor adaptation to peer groups, and inability to establish a good relationship with peers about the same age as well as mental health problems in childhood such as the inability to go to school or eat normally.

Strong Fields

Our staff members specialize in diagnosis and treatment for developmental matters and mental health problems which occur in the life stages from infancy to childhood. We provide comprehensive treatment including pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and other psychosocial interventions. We also evaluate patients through measures such as psychological tests, sleep polysomnography, etc. We maintain a vigorous interest in the current research findings and clinical evidence for the complete range of issues facing our patients.

Clinical Results

We provide evidence-based treatment for the increasing number of emotional and developmental issues that youths face as they get older. In addition, we are actively cooperating with medical care facilities and other support systems where children's mental problems are handled.

Advanced Medicine and Research

While investigating the best diagnosis and treatment methods at present, our basic policy is to seek to identify the pathology and develop treatments and preventive methods based on the pathology identified. In order to translate the latest advances in knowledge about children's mental problems into clinical practice, we keep our medical staff trained to the highest medical level.