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Center for Postgraduate Clinical Training and Career Development Director:NISHIGORI, Hiroshi (Professor)

For fostering young medical professionals

In addition to postgraduate clinical training for young doctors and dentists, we provide lifelong education and career support for all medical professionals.

Organization Structure

This center is in charge of educating hospital staffs along with comprehensive medical education center, and nursing career support room. Clinical residents rotate each department belonging to this center. In addition, 11 young faculty members in each department belong to this center as educational staffs.

Activities Features

This center functions as the secretariat of the medical and dental postgraduate training committee and the hospital staff education committee. We are managing the initial clinical training and supporting of the resident. Educational staffs of this center placed in each department are educating medical students and residents. Various educational programs such as career support seminar and certified nursing management train-ing are carried out at the nursing career support room.


This center features a function of education and career support for not only medical doctors but also all medical professionals in this hospital.

Other Undertakings

This center is also responsible for the secretariat of MEIDAI (Nagoya University) network with affiliate hospitals.