Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Director:KAMEI, Yuzuru (Professor)

We make efforts as a team for the future of patients

Our department makes efforts to correct various conditions, whose appearance is different from normal because of reasons such as tumor and injury, to as close to normal as possible.

Medical Care System

Our department, consisting of one professor, one associate professor, three assistant professors, and three doctors, aims to provide more advanced and safer medicine. We provide team medical care: we hold a conference for each patient including new patients to determine therapeutic options.

Target Diseases

We mainly perform reconstructive surgery including reconstruction after malignant tumor resection, abnormality of ears, hands and feet, cleft lip, funnel chest, reconstruction after injury, birth mark, keloid, scar, ptosis, umbilical hernia, microtia, and absent breast. We also perform plastic surgery for the improvement of QOL.

Strong Fields

Reconstruction using microsurgery after malignant tumor resection or injury, delayed healing of surgical wound or after injury, intractable ulcer including intractable ulcer associated with diabetes, microtia, congenital anomaly of hands and feet, funnel chest, breast reconstruction, etc.

Clinical Results

Yearly we perform 140 or more reconstructions after tumor excision, especially those using microsurgery, with a success rate of 98%. We have performed treatment including reconstruction of intractable ulcer such as radiation ulcer and osteomyelitis in a large number of patients and achieved excellent results.

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

We have outpatient clinics such as a tumor outpatient clinic, intractable ulcer outpatient clinic, pediatric plastic outpatient clinic, endoscopy outpatient clinic, and breast outpatient clinic. We also provide second opinions.

Advanced Medicine and Research

Our research interests are: Regenerative medicine with Adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs), Cultured skin graft and Biomaterials and Basic research regarding Flap blood flow and Clinical study regarding Microsurgical reconstruction cases.