Obstetrics and Gynecology Director:KAJIYAMA, Hiroaki (Professor)

We provide high-quality care to outstanding number of patients

In addition to the main fields of obstetrics and gynecology (gynecologic oncology, perinatal medicine, reproductive medicine and women's health), we provide medical care for all fields of obstetrics and gynecology.

Medical Care System

18 academic personnel including professors and 16 consulting doctors provide medical care in the general outpatient clinic, specialized outpatient clinics, 11E ward (gynecology), 4E ward (perinatal medicine), and center for maternal-neonatal care (MFICU and reproductive medicine).Expert doctors are on-duty 24-hours a day for childbirth and emergency surgery.

Target Diseases

Malignant tumor (e.g. cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer), trophoblastic disease (e.g. hydatidiform mole, choriocarcinoma), high-risk pregnancy (e.g. pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, complicated pregnancy, placenta previa, fetal abnormality), infertility, gynecologic disease for which endoscopic surgery is indicated (endometrial cancer,endometriosis and uterine myoma), menopausal symptoms and women's health.

Strong Fields

We have treated an outstanding number of patients with ovarian cancer in Japan. We also make efforts for endoscopic surgery of early-stage endometrial cancer and fertility preservation treatment of early-stage malignant tumor in younger patients. We also have broad experience in trophoblastic disease, fetal abnormality, placenta previa accreta, endoscopic surgery, and in vitro fertilization / microinsemination.

Clinical Results

Cervical cancer (including intraepithelial carcinoma): 100, endometrial cancer: 86, ovarian cancer: 65, trophoblastic disease: 8, childbirth: 448(cesarean section: 230), maternal transport admissions: 64, endoscopic surgery: 133, in vitro fertilization: 86 egg retrieval cycles.

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

As a core hospital in the Chubu District, we provide the most advanced medical care in each of the following specialized outpatient clinics: tumor, high-risk pregnancy, reproductive medicine, endoscopic surgery, and menopause. We also provide second opinions.

Advanced Medicine and Research

We perform radical trachelectomy, which is a fertility preservation surgery, for early invasive cervical cancer.We also perform laparoscopic radical hysterectomy. We have introduced robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery for hysterectomy.