Department of Nursing Director:FUJII, Akiko

Aiming to provide safe nursing care that enables patients to feel a sense of security and trust

Respecting patients rights and aiming to provide the possible highest-quality 'nursing services. Also, making various efforts to foster excellent nurses.

Operation System

We aim to build a sense of trust and security while respecting patients' rights, and we strive to provide nursing care of the highest caliber through the united efforts of the entire organization. We have introduced a new system of Nagoya University-style partnership nursing, wherein our nurses work in pairs. This system ensures safety, increases efficiency, and lessens the burden of care placed on our nurses.

Scope of Medical Services

As nurses at a university hospital providing advanced, cutting-edge medical services, we endeavor to provide high-quality nursing and pursue higher levels of specialization and advancement in order to meet the changing needs of the times and our communities. We promote collaboration not only within our facilities, but also with the greater community through the University Hospital's practical knowledge and education.


This department has an in-depth training system that produces nurses with sophisticated skills, deep knowledge and a sense of hospitality. From AY2009, the department has been conducting postgraduate clinical training for new nurses, ahead of other hospitals in Japan, as well as systematically working on education for them to grow and develop into professional nurses. In AY2006, we introduced BSC based management system in nursing administration, which allows us to provide nursing care from the viewpoint of patients service and revitalize the organization. Starting in AY2019, we have developed a system for nurses who have completed specialized nursing procedure training and specialized and certified nurses to increase their roles as generalists and provide high-quality specialized nursing care in their own fields and departments.

Medical Service Results

Our institution is a Technology advanced hospital and as such, responsible for providing safe and reliable medical and nursing care as an advanced acute care facility. In February 2019, we were the first National University Hospital in Japan to receive JCI accreditation from the Joint Commission International, and re-certified in March 2022.
It enables us to provide medical care to patients with COVID-19, and guarantees medical staffsʼ safety. Certified Nurse Specialists and qualified professional nurses from a broad range of specializations are active in cross-departmental activities throughout the institution, sparing no effort to ensure we provide the best nursing possible. As of 2019, we have been selected as a "Designated educational institution for the training of special nursing procedures." Thus, not only are we involved in educating nurses who can perform special nursing procedures, but we also teach leaders who will train other nurses in such procedures. It is not only the certified specialist nurses but general nurses who are active in participating and presenting at the Japanese Nursing Association, Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing and other academic societies and meetings, sharing research from their daily clinical practices.

Other Undertakings

To meet current needs, we continually strive to remain an organization that keeps up with the changing times. In AY2010, our "Saving Life Nurse Training Plan" was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology's University Reform Promotion Project, and we are now actively involved in the training and education of “life-saving nurses” who can deal appropriately with critical situations. In addition, we have been working on the specialized nursing procedure training in cooperation with continuing education programs and the Center for Postgraduate Clinical Training and Career Development since 2019.