Medical IT Center Director:SHIRATORI, Yoshimune (Clinical Professor)

Support hospital administration from the viewpoint of information management

The medical IT center supports university hospital as collateral of quality of information centering on medical record, further supports IoT device and big data analytics. We keep developing medical information technologies and develop further day by day so that high quality medical care can be promoted from the viewpoint of overall optimization.

Operation System

Faculty staff works cooperatively in collaboration with medical information engineer and health information manager.

Scope of Medical Services

We promote development of systems that support medical care using AI /IoT, advice work on quality management, data extraction and analysis of medical information, and information literacy education for all officials.


It is characterized by covering a wide range of fields such as personal information protection, medical information data utilization, IT device development, and clinical research support.

Medical Service Results

We have collaborated with electronic charts and more than 100 departmental systems and succeeded in integrating all medical information beyond the framework of the department. Operation of these systems publishes UML as "visualization of business". In order to create highly accurate information, we have established an audit system to guarantee the quality of medical information.

Other Undertakings

In addition to our hospital data, we are also conducting an analysis based on data aggregation within Aichi Prefecture and developing state-of-the-art IT technologies such as robots.