Department of Medical Technique Director:ABE, Shinji

Providing safe and high-quality medical services

This department aims at maintaining excellent personnel, flexibly responding to a variety of needs from the clinical side, providing safe and high-quality medical services (medical examination and treatment aid).
Through these aims, the department built its solid foundation as a university hospital with advanced medical practices and services.

Operation System

This department has five groups of specialists with medical technology certifications. The groups are:

  • Clinical examination group: 83 clinical laboratory technologists
  • Radiology group: 76 radiological technologists
  • Rehabilitation group: 36 physical therapists, 9 occupational therapists, 5 speech-language-hearing therapists, and 11 orthoptists
  • Clinical engineering and dentistry group: 43 clinical engineering technologists, 7 dental hygienists, one dental technologist
  • Special technological group: 3 clinical psychologist

Scope of Medical Services

Clinical laboratory technologists aid clinical examinations at the Department of Clinical Laboratory, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Department of Blood Transfusion Service. Radiological technologists play a role in image diagnosis examination, radiographic examination and radiation therapy at the Central Block of Radiology. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language-hearing therapists aid the rehabilitation of patients at the Department of Rehabilitation. Clinical engineering technologists maintain the heart-lung machine during an operation and the dialysis machine during dialysis. And we are maintaining and managing a wide variety of medical devices at the Department of Clinical Engineering.


The clinical examination group acquired ISO15189: 2012 accreditation in fiscal year 2015 to provide data based on international-level quality examination to doctors.
The radiology group introduces the most advanced medical equipment to provide the highest-quality diagnosis image and radiation therapy.
The rehabilitation group has offered its services during the perioperative period in order to provide the best possible acute care medicine befitting an advanced treatment facility.
In the clinical engineering group, skilled clinical engineers provide safe medical services with high-performance equipment.