Department of Medical Equipment and Supplies Management Director:FUJIWARA, Michitaka (Clinical Professor)

Supply and control for safer and more reliable medical equipment

Our role is to provide appropriate supply and management of the medical equipment used in this hospital and provide staff training on them in order to develop safer and more reliable medical environment.

Operation System

Our goal is to centralize management of the selection, purchase, sterilization and conveyance of medical equipment, to plan and implement an appropriate inspection, repair and renewal of them, to analyze incidents related medical devices, and to provide staff training on the medical devices. In order to facilitate these operations, our department cooperates with Department of Clinical Engineering, Accounting Division (Procurement Office), Department of Patient Safety, and Medical xR Center.
The following committees are affiliated: Steering Committee of Department of Medical Devices, Medical Device Selection Committee, Endoscope Management Committee, Sterilized Equipment and Supply Committee, Processing and Distribution (SPD) Steering Committee.

Scope of Medical Services

① MDI (Medical Device Information) : Collect information on the medical equipment used in this hospital, and inform relevant information to all related departments.
② Operating the central medical supply department that cleans, assembles, and sterilizes the medical equipment and devices, and supervising the endoscope cleaning department that cleans, disinfects and manages endoscopes.
③ Medical device selection committee is held to purchase medical devices in transparent selection processes.
④ Developing and implementing an appropriate inspection, repair, and renewal plan for safe use of medical equipment.
⑤ Centralized management of purchase, supply, conveyance, usage, lot numbers, etc. of all disposable medical products and pharmaceuticals through the operational management of SPD (Supply, Processing and Distribution).
⑥ Malfunctions and incidents related to medical devices are analyzed with Department of Patient Safety, and the cause and countermeasures are fed back to the relevant departments.
⑦ Staff training programs on medical devices are provided in collaboration with Department of Clinical Engineering and Medical xR Center.

The objective of the department of medical devices is to enhance the quality and safety of our medical care, and achieve a stable management basis through the above activities.